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Records Retention and Disposal

Administrative Procedure 3.102

The business administration offices will be responsible for the preservation and disposition of public records and documents of Elgin Community College, in compliance with the regulations of the Local Records Commission of Springfield, Illinois.  Each record and document will be retained for the specified time according to the attached retention and disposal schedule, which has been established by the State Local Records Commission.  This schedule will be amended for additional records and documents not listed, by filing a new application.  The following procedure will be implemented. 

At least sixty (60) days prior to maturity of the retention period, a Records Disposal Certificate will be completed and approved by the Local Records Commission.  This certificate of approval will authorize the administration of Elgin Community College to dispose of the specified records per the below schedule.

Record Retention Guide

Records  Number of Years Description of Records Must Be Retained 
 Account Analysis Year-to-Date  Permanently
 Accounts Payable   7 Years
 Admissions Applications of Non-Enrollees  2 Years
 Agreements  2 Years after expiration 
 Annual Audits   Permanently
 Annual Budgets  7 Years
 Annuity Reports   5 Years 
 Articulation Request  Until Superseded
 Bank Statements  7 Years
 Bid Documents  10 Years
 Board Minutes, Official   Permanently 
 Budget Working Files  2 Years 
 Building Program Project Files   Permanently 
 Canceled Bonds  2 Years 
 Canceled Checks   7 Years
 Cash Receipts  2 Years
 Cash Register Tapes  2 Years
 Central Stores Reports  2 Years
 Certificate of Results of Election  1 Year
 Certificate-Eligibility Nonimmigrant Student Status  Permanently
 Chargeback Authorizations  3 Years
 Chargebacks   3 Years 
 Class Enrollment Forms  1 Year or until ICCB checks 
 Class Lists, Registrar's Copy  3 Years
 Community Scholar Program Applications  5  Years
 Consultants' Reports  Permanently
 Contracts   10 Years after expiration
 Copy Center Request Forms   2 Years 
 Correspondence, Memos, Meeting Notes, Etc  
   NOTE:  Unless above is of historical or legal value
 1 Year
 Daily Cash Reports   2 Years
 Deposit Slips   7 Years
 Election - County Clerk's Tabulation of Votes   1 Year
 Election - Official Canvass  1 Year 
 Election Materials   60 Days
 Emergency Loan Fund Files   2 Years after loan cleared
 Employee Action Forms & Overload Contracts  2 Years
 Employment Applications  5 Years
 Equipment Inventory Register    2 Years 
 Federal and State Tax Forms, W-2, W-3, 94/E  7 Years 
 Federal and State Tax Forms, W-4   5 Years after termination
 Financial Board Reports  2 Years
 Foundation, Incorporation Articles & Bylaws   Permanently 
 General Ledgers   Permanently
 Grade List, Final (Printout)  Permanently 
 Grade Sheets  Permanently in some form
 Graduates Listings    Permanently
 Grant Files   3 Years after completion of program
 Insurance Policies  7 Years after expiration
 Inventory Cards  Permanently 
 Leases and Agreements  2 Years after expiration
 Legal Action Files  2 Years after case closed
 Legal Opinion  Permanently
 Mail Center Reports  2 Years
 Minutes, Official Board Minutes et al  Permanently 
 NSF Check File  2 Years after account cleared
 Office Supply Request Forms  1 Year
 Official Bonds   2 Years after expiration 
 Official Board Minutes   Permanently
 Paid Invoices   7 Years
 Part-time Voluntary Overload Faculty Contract   2 Years 
 Payroll Account Distribution   Until no longer needed 
 Payroll Net Earnings Reports  2 Years
 Payroll Register  7 Years
 Personnel-Applications, Memos, etc    5 Years after termination
 Personnel-Individual Work & Salary History  Permanently
 Procedures Manual  Until Superseded 
 Purchase Order Chronological File   2 Years
 Real Estate Files (deeds, appraisals, etc.)   Permanently
 Refund Check Register  2 Years
 Request for Mailing and UPS Forms  1 Year
 Requisitions  2 Years
 Restricted Purposes Worksheets  2 Years
 Specifications  10 Years
 Staff Absence Reports Forms  2 Years 
 Student Adds, Drops, & Withdrawals  1 Year
 Student Applications of Those Who Do Not Enter  2 Years
 Student Drop List  3 Years 
 Student History, Display Online  Permanently in some form
 Student Listing Payment Transaction  Until use is complete
 Student Permanent Record  Permanently
 Student Schedules  1 Year 
 Tax-Exempt Status Report  Permanently
 Tax Levy Files  7 Years
 Time Sheets  2 Years
 Transcripts of Non-enrollees  3 Years
 U.S. Savings Bonds Receipts  Until use is complete
 Vender Payment Report  7 Years