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We are proud to serve our students and our community members!

At Elgin Community College, our commitment extends beyond academic excellence. We actively engage with our communities to foster relationships and partnerships that benefit everyone involved.

  • Our Board of Trustees, students, faculty, and staff collaborate with local non-profit and service organizations, school districts, and businesses through deliberate efforts.
  • We participate in events that support and enhance the work of these organizations.
  • Continuous efforts are made to identify and address community needs through meaningful collaborations and partnerships.
  • We coordinate our resources to make a positive impact in our community.
  • Discover the programs and benefits ECC offers our community members, contributing to their growth and success.

Community Engagement Annual Report - PDF

These numbers represent involvement and may reflect a duplicated headcount for the Board of Trustees, employees, and students in FY2022.

Community Partners, Resources, and Services

Report to the Community

Community Report 2023

The annual Community Report provides an in-depth look at news, financial analysis, and academic programs that have resulted in student success initiatives and community impact over the past year. This publication is a comprehensive, data-driven report that illustrates ECC’s commitment to its vision, mission, and purpose through an engaging, storytelling approach.

Open current issue

2023 Report to the Community - PDF

Download past issues of the Report to the Community

Community Suggestion Box

Please share your ideas to improve ECC! Suggestions from students, employees, and the community are welcome and are sent to the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Department and the Process Improvement Team (PIT). You may remain anonymous or let us know your name and email address to receive a response.

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