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Facilities Usage Regulations

Administrative Procedure 6.208

Elgin Community College intends that maximum use be made of College buildings and grounds facilities within the framework of the educational mission of the College. [See 110 ILCS 805/3-43.] Nevertheless, general buildings, grounds, and other facilities have been developed and are intended to be used for activities associated with the College. For that reason, all College facilities are non-public forums and unavailable for use by the general public, except as otherwise provided in this procedure.

When not required for activities associated with the College, facilities will be made available for rental to outside businesses and/or not-for-profit organizations.

The facilities usage regulations only set guidelines and may be modified at any time without notice.

Facilities Usage Regulations:

  1. The requesting organization and/or individual granted use will abide by all policies, rules, and regulations of Elgin Community College General Facility Rental Agreement regarding the use of District property and/or facilities and the conduct of persons in or on District property or facilities, whether now or hereafter adopted. A copy of this agreement is available from the Facilities Rental Department.
  2. The person who is acting in an official capacity for their organization and is authorized to accept all terms and conditions of rental agreements will be required to sign the General Facility Rental Agreement and the Event Contract.
  3. A deposit equal to 50percent of the total event charges must accompany signed agreements for all events to secure the reservation.
  4. A special 20percent discount off of facility rates is available for not-for-profit organizations. This discount applies to facilities rental rates only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other type of discount.
  5. Invoices will be issued at the close of each event and payable upon receipt.
  6. Current facilities rental rates are available through the Facilities Rental Office.
  7. ECC facilities and/or grounds usage may not be; illegal, violate the rights of others and must be consistent with contracted usage.
  8. The use of property and/or facilities will not, in any way, interfere with the operation of Elgin Community College or any of the programs or activities of the college. Elgin Community College reserves the right to withdraw or rescind the grant to use facilities and/or property for any reason at short notice.
  9. ECC reserves the right to relocate an event to an alternate facility with equal accommodations when the scheduled facility is required for College use and/or to facilitate full facility utilization.
  10. ECC facilities, grounds, and equipment will be used in a careful and prudent manner so as to prevent any loss, defacement, or damage to them. Good order and discipline will be maintained. Organizations utilizing college facilities and/or grounds will be held responsible for the proper use of college property and the conduct of those in attendance.
  11. No improvements or structures will be constructed upon College property or in its facilities unless approved in writing by the Managing Director of Facilities. Any unauthorized alteration of facilities will be corrected at the expense of the organization or individual granted use.
  12. Any and all special facility and/or grounds set-ups must be requested through ECC Facilities Rental Office to be coordinated with the Operations and Maintenance Department.
  13. Equipment, furniture, etc. belonging to an outside organization shall not be brought onto the campus unless approved in writing by the ECC Facilities Rental Office. The College will not be held responsible for loss or damage to same. Any equipment, furniture, etc., must be removed as soon as the event has ended or will be removed by the College at the expense of the organization or individual granted use.
  14. Proof of Liability insurance will be required 5 working days prior to the event from all organizations seeking to utilize ECC facilities and/or property. The requesting organization (and the undersigned authorized agent thereof individually and jointly and severally with the organization) or individual agrees to pay for and assume full liability for any loss or damages to person(s) or property or claims, therefore, resulting to or arising from the use of District facilities and/or property by such organization or individual (and those granted access to the facility thereby) whether from an occurrence at the property or facility itself during such use, before or after such use, going to and from such use, in or about available parking areas, or otherwise, 
    1. to reimburse or hold harmless the District, the Board of Trustee, and the members, agents and employees thereof from any such loss, damage or claim, including, but not limited to, its or their attorneys’ fees, and to pay any attorneys’ fees and costs paid or incurred by Elgin Community College to enforce any obligations imposed under this paragraph or otherwise in the Agreement. Such organizations will provide the College with proof of insurance for their obligations under this paragraph prior to the use of any facilities. Elgin Community College must be added as an additional insured. Limits of coverage should not be less than $1,000,000 with respect to bodily injury and/or death out of each accident or occurrence; umbrella liability coverage of not less than $1,000,000. The College reserves the right to require any and all necessary documents, which may include an actual copy of the insurance policy but not limited to such.
  15. No food and/or beverage may be brought onto college property and/or grounds from an outside source. All food and/or beverage must be purchased through the ECC Facilities Rental Office.
  16. All foodservice sales are subject to Illinois Sales Tax. Tax-exempt organizations must provide the college a copy of their Illinois Department of Revenue Certificate of tax exemption, or sales taxes will be charged.
  17. Guaranteed headcounts are due seven (7) calendar days prior to the start of each event. If a guaranteed headcount is not received by this date, the original headcount stated on the original signed contract will become the guaranteed headcount for the event and charged accordingly.
  18. Any changes to the original contract must be made at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the start of the scheduled event. Requests made after this period may not be honored.
  19. The ECC Facilities Rental Office must approve any medium of advertisement distributed under the auspices of the college displaying the college’s logo and/or name.
  20. All organizations utilizing ECC facilities and/or grounds agree to provide adult supervision for events. The person responsible for the event must be identified to the Facilities Rental staff.
  21. Organizations utilizing college facilities and/or grounds for athletic events must provide sufficient health services to ensure the health and safety of both participants and spectators who utilize athletic fields and/or facilities.
  22. Elgin Community College is a drug-free campus. All facilities are smoke-free. Alcohol may not be brought onto the campus from an outside source.
  23. Open flames of any and all types are not permitted on campus.
  24. Solicitation of any type is prohibited on campus. The Time and location for distribution of any and all literature must be approved by the Office of Student Life. In addition, separate approval must be obtained for the use of the College’s logo and/or name in any medium of the advertisement or if distributed under the auspices of the College.  
  25. Access to any campus facilities, grounds, and/or equipment not stated on the original signed agreement/contract is strictly prohibited.
  26. No concessions or other items will be sold in or on college property or in its facilities unless approved in writing by the ECC Facilities Rental Office.
  27. Within one-half (1/2) hour after the ending hour of reserved use, the property and or facility must be vacated and left in as good a condition as when usage began. Failure to do so will result in additional rental, custodial, and/or security fees. Liability for damages or additional fees will not diminish if the college is required to perform any clean-up.
  28. If the college has to close due to inclement weather or for other disaster measures, all facilities on campus will be closed, and all events will be canceled. Call the ECC main number at 847-697-1000 for closing information. If the college remains open, all event contract terms and conditions will be in force.
  29. Cancellations for General Facilities must be received at least one week prior to the start of the event. If cancellation is received after this date, the full rental fees stated on the original rental agreement will be due, and any deposits would be forfeited.