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Course Audit and Pass/No Credit

Administrative Procedure 1.201

Students may select the audit or pass/no credit option for eligible courses upon registration online or in person. Students deciding to change from their original selection must do so in the registration office (B105) by submitting the appropriate form during the drop grace period.

Please see Drop Dates by Section and related Administrative Procedure, Schedule Changes and Course Withdrawals 1.202 for more information.

To enroll in a class to audit or as pass/no credit, students must meet all course prerequisites and pay the applicable tuition rate and required fees. Audited and pass/no credit courses are not eligible for financial aid, carry no grade value, and do not impact a student’s grade point average or academic standing.

Course Audit

Audited courses do not count toward academic load nor result in credit earned for completing the class. The midterm and final grades appear as AU on the student’s transcript.

An auditing student is not obligated to take examinations or write papers. The student must inform the instructor during the drop grace period if they choose to take examinations or write papers. Students may retake an audited class for credit in a subsequent semester.

Pass/No Credit

Courses taken as pass/no credit count toward academic load. Students who opt for pass/no credit earn credit for the course if they complete it at a level equivalent to a grade of C or better. The final grade appears as CR on the student’s transcript. Students who do not pass at a level equivalent to a C or better grade receive no credit. In this case, the final grade appears as NC on the student’s transcript. The midterm grade appears as NC or CR.

In the catalog, each course description identifies whether the pass/no credit option is available.