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AccessECC Portal

The portal offers features that help you conveniently navigate ECC resources and systems in one easy-to-use location!


Login Instructions

  1. You need your user ID | show me my user ID
  2. You need your password | get/reset my password
  3. Once you gather your credentials, log in.

Account Maintenance

Forgot Your User ID or Your Password?

You can reset your password or update your security questions to add additional security when accessing your account.

Manage My Account

Getting started with the accessECC Student Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On the accessECC login page, click “New Users Start Here.”
  2. Click “Show me my User ID and Student/Employee ID.”
  3. Enter your last name, your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), and your ECC ID number or you Social Security Number (SSN).

Note: You can find your ECC ID number on your welcome letter.

Once you've submitted your information and answered security questions, the system will display your user ID and student ID numbers. It's crucial to jot down this information for future reference.

Click on 'Get/Reset my Password,' then enter your user ID if it's not already displayed and click 'Submit.' Next, choose where you'd like to receive your validation code — typically via email or text message.

If you don't see any validation information, students should contact First Stop at 847-214-7570.

Creating Your Password
Your password must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 12 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one special character. Allowed special characters are # ; < ? @ $ % ^ & * =
  • No spaces, commas, or periods
  • It cannot contain your first or last name or user ID

What Can I Access Inside the Portal?

You'll rely on the Self-Service app for most of your transactions. Once logged in to the accessECC, go to the Student Apps card and click on Self-Service.

Within the Self Service app, you can do the following:

  • The Student Finance section is where you will view your billing statement, make payments, or set up a payment plan.
  • The Financial Aid section is where you can view your FAFSA, see where you are in the financial aid process, and review your award letters.
  • Tax Information is where you will find your 1098-T information.
  • You can print an unofficial transcript and order transcripts in the Academic menu section.
  • Academic Planning & Registration will allow you to search for courses, plan your semester, and register for course sections.

Once logged in to the accessECC, go to the Student Apps card and click on Student Email.

Use your user ID and password to log in to your student email. Student email addresses include your first initial, last name, and the last four digits of your ECC ID number.

Check this mailbox frequently. ECC faculty and staff will send essential information to your student email address. You can forward this email to your personal email for easier monitoring.

AccessECC Student Portal FAQ

Many features for students and employees will make their online experience easier and more efficient.

  • Access to MyECC Experience app: Go to the MyECC Experience card and click on "Get details."
  • ECC Events: The ECC Events card will automatically populate your classes from the campus calendar.
  • Quick link to student email account: On the Student Apps card, you will find a link called "Student Email." If you click on this link, the portal will bring you to the login screen for your student email account.
  • Easy access to D2L and other ECC apps: You will find quick and easy access to D2L and many other useful web services on the Student Apps card.
  • Announcements: Important campus due dates and other announcements will be visible on the front page of your accessECC account so that you can easily find out when payment is due or when you need to apply for graduation, among other vital deadlines.
  • Student reference links: Links to valuable resources and information are on

Current students can view their unofficial transcripts by logging into their AccessECC Portal. If you are having issues logging in, please call First Stop at 847-214-7570.

  1. Log in to accessECC.
  2. Go to the Student Apps card and click on Self-Service.
  3. Click on the graduation cap on the left-hand side that says "Academics."
  4. Click on Unofficial Transcript and download the document.
  5. For official transcripts, click on the transcript request and follow the steps on Parchment.

Former students can no longer access their portal; please request your free transcripts via Parchment.

To determine the cost of individual course fees, click on the course title in the course details section of the course you are interested in. After you’ve registered online, check your statement. See the answer below: "When will I receive my registration/billing statement.”  View current tuition rates.

  1. While logged into the student portal, choose "Self-Service" on the Student Apps card.
  2. Click the bank icon labeled Financial Information on the left-hand side.
  3. Select "Student Finance" and then "Account Activity."
  4. Select the desired semester and click "View Statement."
  5. Click the printer icon in the top right corner to print the statement.

At this time, the statement does not display a due date. Please refer payment calendar to find out the payment due date each semester. Set up a payment plan or pay in full before 7 pm by the designated due date each semester. If you enroll on or after the payment due date, your payment is due by 7 pm the next calendar day.

  1. From accessECC, go to the Student Apps card and click on Self-Service.
  2. Go to the Make a Payment tab.
  3. Click on the “Payment Plan” icon on the screen's left side.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page.

After the semester starts, financial aid posts will be sent to students' accounts. Viewing your award letter online, you can verify that ECC processed your financial aid. Your award letter is in the Student Financial Aid Menu of Self-Service. If you have an award letter and maintain eligibility, your aid will be posted after the semester starts.

To find specific registration, payment, and financial aid dates, view the academic calendar and print the PDF for the desired year. The second page lists specific dates by semester.

The Department of Education (DOE) charges a processing fee for each loan. For complete details, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.

If you were dropped for non-payment, the class charges will be removed from your account activity. If you no longer see the charges, you most likely have been dropped for non-payment and should re-enroll. Check your class schedule first.

On June 30 each year, ECC transfers current unpaid balances within our student financial system to an outstanding account for tracking purposes. The system uses the term “payment” to describe this transfer even though no student payments were made. This process does not affect your balance.

Preferred Name Personal Pronoun FAQ

Chosen (Preferred) Name Updates:

Personal Pronoun Updates:

  1. Log in to Self-Service
    1. Students: Log into accessECC and click on Self-Service in the Student Apps card.
    2. Employees: Log into, click on Quick Links then Self-Service.
  2. Once logged on to Self-Service, click on your accessECC/my.elgin ID in the upper right-hand corner and select User Profile 1 from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the Edit Personal Identity Button, make your selections, and press Save. 
  4. The information is saved immediately, and you will see it to the right of your photo.

Your legal name on record will always appear below your photo on the Self-Service User Profile screen. This is provided for your information only. To the right of your photo, you will see your Chosen (Preferred) Name, Personal Pronouns, and Gender Identity that ECC has on record for you.

Below is a list of systems updated to display the chosen (preferred) name. Unless otherwise required by law, every effort has been made to display the chosen (preferred) name primarily or solely in student- and faculty-facing systems.

The following systems have been updated to display the chosen (preferred) name:

  • Apply Online & Inquire Online for potential new students
  • Create Labels by Sections (XLBS) Report
  • D2L
  • ECC Computers Login Screen
  • Facilities Rental Request
  • Google/Gmail Display Name
  • Marketing Queries (XMKT) Report
  • Outlook/Exchange Display Name
  • Photo ID system
  • Portal
  • Safe Colleges Training Site
  • Self-Service Faculty Views (Roster, Attendance, Grading)
  • Self-Service User Profile
  • Spartan Success
  • Staff view of Colleague User Interface (UI) (Context Card and Search Results)
  • Tableau
  • Team Sites

Hundreds of systems and/or processes used at ECC include a person’s name; therefore, the list of changes to be completed by January 2021 must be prioritized. Following is a list of systems and/or processes that include a person’s legal name. These systems and processes will be evaluated in 2021 to determine if the legal name will be replaced with the chosen (preferred) name. Every effort will be made to ensure that your chosen (preferred) name is used in locations where a legal name is not required by law. Once priorities are identified, work will continue throughout the 2021 year to make the identified changes.

  • Communications from ECC Departments
  • Mobile GO: Faculty Directory
  • Organizational charts
  • Other Software Systems include but are not limited to the AIM Disability System, eTalent, eTime, RAVE, SmartEvals, Terra Dotta, SARS, and the Library software.
  • Password Management System
  • Phone directories on and
  • Reports (Informer/XScreens) and Processes run by ECC Departments.

  • Official Academic Documents
    • Diploma˟
    • Transcripts
  • Financial Documents
    • Checks
    • Financial Aid
    • Pay Advices
    • Purchase Orders
    • Student Accounts
    • Tax Documents
  • Legal Documents
    • Contracts
  • System Accounts*
    • accessECC/my.elgin ID
    • ECC Email address

˟Students may request that their chosen (preferred) name be used when submitting the Application for Graduation.

*Exceptions can be made by special request to change the first initial only.

In the example below, the student’s legal name is Ellen Page, and his chosen/preferred name is Elliot.

  • The Faculty view of the information in their class roster looks like this. This is also the name they will see in D2L. For a list of training videos that display these views, go to the CETAL website (Note: Faculty roster and grading views will display sections for active terms, and the attendance list will appear on the section start date.  In the Spartan Success tool, please be aware that your section(s) will not be visible until the section start date; they will remain visible for seven (7) days past the last date of the section.)