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Radiography Program Admissions

Admissions Steps and Materials

Elgin Community Radiography Program is a JRCERT-accredited associate degree program that provides an accessible and relevant education under the highest professional standards. In partnership with its clinical partners, the program will graduate competent radiographers who practice excellent patient-centered care to the diverse populations within the community.

Admission Steps

All ECC radiography candidates must attend an information session prior to applying for admission to the radiography program. All candidates must submit the following information/ documentation by December 15 for their application to be considered. If December 15 falls on a weekend, packets are due Friday before that date. Except in the case, there is space available. Late applications will be considered for the following year.

Admission Materials

  1. Completed ECC application for admission.
  2. Complete and submit a health professions application.
  3. Attend a mandatory information session.
  4. Official transcripts for any courses being transferred from other schools. To request a transcript evaluation visit our transfer credit evaluation page.
  5. Successful completion with a grade C or better in 5 prerequisites:
    1. BIO 110 Principles of Biology or equivalent
    2. HPE 112 Intro to Medical Terminology or equivalent
    3. College-level math (MTH 102 General Education Statistics preferred) or equivalent
    4. PSY 100 Intro to Psychology or equivalent
    5. BIO 245 Human Anatomy and Physiology I or equivalent
  6. General education courses required for degree completion, which may be taken before enrolling in the program and will be considered for admissions, must be completed with a C or better:
    1. BIO 246 Anatomy and Physiology II
    2. CMS 215 Intercultural Communication
    3. ENG 101 English Composition I
    4. ENG 102 English Composition II
    5. Humanities & Fine Arts (HUM 216 Ethics preferred)
    6. PSY 218 Human Growth and Development

Evaluation Criteria

All applicants will undergo ranking based on a grade point system. Please refer to the evaluation criteria below. The top 16 qualified applicants will be selected for admission to the Radiography Program. Students from districts outside of District 509 may apply.

All candidates are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • GPA for 6 required general education courses for AAS in radiography
    • Letter grade scoring points: A= 6 points, B=4 points, C= 2 points
  • GPA of the 5 prerequisite courses
    • Letter grade scoring points: A= 12 points, B= 8 points, C= 4 points
  • Maximum number of points that a student can achieve is 96 in total

New radiography classes start each summer semester.

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