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We offer 200+ scholarships each year.

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ECC offers a variety of scholarships on both a competitive and non-competitive basis. You do not need to apply for each specific scholarship. Instead, the best bet is to fill out the universal scholarship application. Let us help you find the best financial aid package, grants, and scholarships. You may apply for an ECC Foundation Scholarship and a District 509 Board of Trustees Scholarship. You may still apply for and receive other financial aid, even if you receive scholarships.

Foundation Scholarships

The ECC Foundation raises funds to improve lives through learning for students at ECC. Your achievements in class and outside the classroom can earn you scholarship money for educational expenses. Last school year, the ECC Foundation awarded more than $350,000 in scholarship funds and financial aid directly to students. Scholarships are gift aid, meaning they are a free resource you do not repay. More than 200 student scholarships are available each year in three primary categories: career areas of study, academic and leadership excellence, and financial need. 

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District 509 Board of Trustees Scholarships

Each scholarship recognizes superior individual academic achievement by in-district residents. They are for graduating high school seniors and can only be awarded for fall and spring terms for two consecutive years.

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Estimate Your Residency

Scholarships are available whether you are just beginning your ECC studies or nearing graduation. Some scholarship funds are available only for in-district students. Use the District 509 map to get general information about where your address resides and see if you're an in-district or out-of-district resident.

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Non-ECC Scholarships

Additional resources to explore for non-ECC scholarships include:

Scholarships FAQ

Who qualifies for a scholarship? Can I get a scholarship and financial aid? Search the FAQ to find the answer.

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