Intensive English Program

This is a full-time academic program for all English language learners. The intensive English program (IEP) follows the highly effective and innovative focal skills approach, which allows language skills to build on one another naturally with a series of modules featuring in-depth, focused instruction.

IEP Fall & Spring Classes

Who Should Attend

Prospective ECC students, international students, professionals, business people, and others want to improve English skills and cultural understanding necessary for success in higher education, the business world, or personal growth and development. This program meets the requirements of a full course of study for F-1 international students and is appropriate for students on other types of visas.

Enrollment & Costs

Enrollment is always open. Come to Building C, Room C221, or call 847-214-7163. A placement test is required for all new students.

In-District Tuition: $387.00 per session (20 hours per week): $1,548 per semester.
Out of State/International Tuition: $1,188 per session (20 hours per week): $4,752 per semester.

Students must register and pay on the first day of each session.

Class Schedules

There are four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Pre-collegiate. In addition to the modules, students choose from a variety of electives to complete their schedules. After initial placement, students are reassessed every four weeks with the potential to move to the next module, which allows them to move quickly through the program.

Dates to Know

Four Sessions: January 19 through February 11; February 15 through March 11; March 15 through April 15; April 19 through May 13.

Testing: Building K, Room C121 January 11

Orientation: January 6 & 7.

Certificate Day: Thursday, May 13.