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Transfer Tips

  1. College transfer requirements vary from school to school and change regularly.

  2. College program/major requirements also vary; even public state schools often have different course prerequisites for the same major. This is why it is important to research your major and transfer schools to help plan courses.

  3. College major/program requirements often differ from admissions requirements. For example, your transfer school may require a 2.0 GPA for general admittance, but your desired major may require a 3.0. Maintain consistent contact with your academic advisor to stay current on requirements.

  4. Why complete your degree at ECC? You are likely eligible for scholarship money from your transfer school for completing an Associate Degree.

  5. You are not required to earn an AA/AS degree to transfer. However, if you transfer without completing an associate degree, your credits will likely be reviewed individually (as opposed to the Associate Degree transferring as a package).

  6. Many colleges accept the Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) as satisfying general education requirements. If you do not plan to receive an AA degree, you may be required to take specific courses to satisfy the general education requirements of the transfer college.

  7. The policy for transferring "D" grades varies from college to college. Most public colleges will accept a "D" if it is not a part of the major requirements; certain private colleges will not accept a "D" grade. It is best to discuss this with your transfer school or see your academic advisor for assistance.

  8. To ensure a smooth transfer, please work closely with an ECC academic advisor and the transfer college admissions to meet all transfer prerequisites.

  9. Many public and private schools have Admissions Representatives at ECC throughout the semester. Monitor the calendar (link) and learn about multiple transfer schools without leaving ECC’s campus.

  10. Attend College Night at ECC in the fall and Private Illinois Colleges & Universities (PICU) at ECC in the spring. On College Night, ECC hosts more than 140 colleges and universities nationwide. At PICU, representatives from over 25 Illinois private schools will be on campus, ready to answer questions about their schools and programs.

  11. Attend Transfer, and Career Development Workshops held throughout the semester.


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