4 Steps Transfer Process

Plan ahead. The earlier you begin to prepare for transfer, the better. This guide will help you through the transfer process in four easy steps.

Step 1

Am I a Transfer Student?

The goal for transfer students is to continue their education after completing their studies at ECC to pursue a BA/BS level degree (and/or beyond).

  • A transfer student will typically pursue an AA, AS, or AES degree at ECC. The Associate degree is designed to complete all (or the majority) of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) courses, allowing a transfer student to transfer to Junior-level status at their transfer school.
  • The AAS is designed to teach students direct work skills and often does not include the GECC courses of the AA/AS degrees. ECC does partner with individual schools allowing the transfer of the AAS degrees. Please discuss which degree is appropriate for you with your academic advisor. Use the Academic Advising Appointment Scheduler to get started. 

Step 2

My Major and Career Goals

If you can articulate your career and college major goals and are sure about your path, move to Step 3.

  • If you have questions about your career path or what you can do with a specific major, arrange an appointment to meet with a Career Development Specialist to discuss your options. 
  • Experiential Learning - Consider arranging informational interviews or job shadowing options. Use the Career Development Services Appointment Scheduler to get started.
  • Learn about Internship Opportunities through Elgin Community College.

Step 3

Strategic Planning: Map Your Path

All goals need direction; your education and career goals are no different. Meet early and often with your academic advisor to develop and update your transfer plan by creating an education plan. This will allow you to complete the same GECC and prerequisite courses needed for your specific transfer school.

  • Develop a time frame:
    • Will you be attending ECC full- or part-time?
    • What are my realistic graduation and transfer timelines?
    • Discuss your options with you.
  • Explore transfer options:
    • Does the transfer school you are considering offer your preferred major?
    • What other schools might have programs worth researching?
    • What are the program GPA and acceptance requirements?

Step 4

Plan for Transfer: Applications and More

Different schools have different transfer application deadlines, and your preferred major program’s application deadline may differ from the school’s general application deadline.

  • Official transcript request
  • Plan for essays, letters of recommendation, and scholarship research. 
  • Does your preferred major at your transfer school accept students each semester? Once a year?