How to Register for Non-Credit Classes

You don't have to complete an application for admission or acquire transcripts to take non-credit classes. However, you will submit all required information during the registration process. In-district residents and out-of-district students are welcome to take continuing education classes at affordable tuition rates.

Registration and Payment

Follow these steps:
  1. After searching for your non-credit class. Take note of the course code number which consists of three letters and three numbers (i.e., ABC 123). You will need this when registering for the class.
  2. Visit the Registration and Pay for Continuing Education classes site
  3. Enter the course code number on the second line of the registration screen, then select 'Submit.' All available class sections will display.
  4. Check which section of the class you are interested in taking, then select 'Submit'.
  5. Fill in your information1 and complete the payment2 process.

In-Person Registration

To register in person, visit ECC’s Registration & Records Office located in Building B, Room B105, on the main campus at 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin. Call 847-214-7393 for office hours and more information, or email

1Non-payment will result in you being dropped from the class the next day.

2Some changes (such as your name) may only be completed by contacting ECC's Registration & Records Office by calling 847-214-7393 during business hours.