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Student Complaint

Report a concern with a person, service, or process.

Student Complaint

The formal student complaint process exists to support students in finding a resolution to concerns related to academic regulations, privacy concerns, the administration of ECC policies or procedures, or improper treatment by ECC employees.

Separate processes exist for students to report concerns of discrimination, sexual misconduct, concerns about disability accommodations, or challenge disciplinary charges. Please see Complaint Procedure 4.401 for further information on these issues.

Complaint Procedure 4.401 describes the general student complaint process, which states that students should make every attempt to resolve a disagreement informally within fifteen (15) school days of the situation, directly with the point of origin (faculty, staff, administrator, or department). If an informal resolution is unsuccessful, students can use the form below to submit a formal complaint and request support to find a reasonable resolution.

Appeal a Final Grade

Students should consult with their faculty members about a final grade dispute to resolve any issues informally. If informal resolution is unsuccessful, students may appeal a final grade using the form below, consistent with the Appeal of Final Grade Procedure 4.403. Please see the procedure for additional information and deadline requirements.

Complete the Appeal of Final Grade Procedure Form.