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Explore the world with ECC Study Abroad.

Immerse yourself in another culture and discover the world with Elgin Community College! ECC offers a wide range of study abroad opportunities, from traditional semester and summer programs to short-term, experiential experiences and virtual exchange programs. Learn how one of the top community colleges in the nation can help you develop a deeper understanding of the world, enhance your intercultural awareness, and foster an appreciation for global issues.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Earn Credit

    Many of ECC’s sponsored study abroad programs are designed to allow you to earn credits within your field of study or progress toward a university transfer degree while immersing yourself in a foreign culture. The courses undertaken on an ECC study abroad program will be documented on your transcript, and in qualifying programs, eligible students can use financial aid towards the cost of study abroad. Throughout your time abroad, you maintain your status as an ECC student, retaining access to student support services and enrollment benefits such as priority registration and access to wellness services.

  • Broaden Your Knowledge

    According to the Institute of International Education (IIE), globalization is changing how the world works, and employers are increasingly looking for globally aware and culturally conscious graduates. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire skills and open up personal and professional opportunities.

  • Learn A New Language

    Being immersed in a foreign language environment is one of the best ways to learn a new language. You will have the chance to practice the language in an authentic environment, in everyday interactions, and be afforded real-world opportunities that four walls and a classroom don’t provide.

  • Advance Your Career

    Today’s workplace demands global knowledge and perspective, and employers want to see international interest and motivation on your resume. Studying abroad builds resilience, boosts self-confidence and independence, and demonstrates that you are adaptable and can solve problems independently. Employers are seeking candidates with these skills – use your study abroad experience to advance your career with your international understanding.

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