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Elgin Community College is not only a place where you can earn your degree but also one that will help you grow as an individual, thanks to a respected group of world-class faculty members committed to providing students with an unparalleled learning experience. The academics at ECC are not just theoreticians but experienced professionals who bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application. This approach ensures that students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of today's workforce.

Central to ECC's success is its world-class faculty, a dynamic and dedicated group of professionals who help students upgrade their job-related skills through their own extensive real-world experience and expertise. Faculty members inspire students to think critically and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields by engaging in educational and creative activities aligned with the fundamentals of apprenticeship, covering essential aspects.

Students graduate with the skills and confidence they need to advance, whether starting a career or moving on to a university, with the strong educational foundation they received at ECC.

What makes ECC special?

Did you know?

The annual Orin G. Thompson Award recognizes educators exemplifying ECC's values: excellence, freedom of inquiry, equity, ethical practices, accountability, respect for diversity, and community engagement.