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ECC offers online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes, so you can choose the format that fits your needs. Summer classes start June 5, 2023. Fall classes start August 21, 2023.

Summer 2023 Offerings   Fall 2023 Offerings

ECC offers various classes to meet your learning and scheduling requirements. 


To view a description of all the courses offered, including the estimated cost per course, please use our most current catalog, a comprehensive guide to the programs of study available at ECC. It sets forth the requirements for graduation, curriculum, academic regulations, course requirements, transferability, and other aspects of academic life. 

Credit Classes

ECC offers various classes to meet your learning and scheduling requirements. All of these courses have online components. Some also include labs, studios, and clinical requirements offered in blended face-to-face and online formats (Hybrid). Schedule programs with a clinical component into available slots around your schedule at the assigned clinical site(s). Register for credit classes if you intend to transfer to another college or university or earn a bachelor's degree. 

Continuing Education Classes

Continuing education courses help you build job-related skills or maximize your leisure time. Whether you’re looking to learn something fun, start a hobby, launch a new career path, invest in your team, or inspire your kids, ECC has a program to help you grow and learn.