Math, Science, & Engineering

Do you love the challenge of problem-solving? Would you like to understand the forces that govern our universe? Are you curious about how the human body works?

The Math, Science, and Engineering Division at ECC helps students build a strong academic foundation that can lead to exciting, highly employable careers in the sciences, computing, engineering, teaching, and research. Our classrooms feature the use of life-size models and digital whiteboards. Our computer labs are equipped with cutting-edge software. As a student, you’ll experience a cadaver lab, a math lab, a greenhouse, a gas chromatograph, a BodPod, and most importantly—amazing instructors who support your learning every step.

If you want a program to study how things work, conduct scientific experiments, apply mathematical reasoning, and solve problems that will make our world better, join the STEM team at ECC!

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Dean of Health Professions, Math, Science, & Engineering
Wendy Miller, EdD
Building A, Room A106.02
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