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Photos of students and staff attending classes or events at Elgin Community College.

Advancing ECC’s commitment to all.

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To be the first choice for everyone to learn, grow, and dream in a culture that ensures access, advances innovation, and fosters success.


ECC's MVPs are the most important components in our fulfilling our daily purpose and interactions with students, colleagues, and the community. Our MVPs are our Mission, Shared Values, and Philosophies.

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Key Imperatives & College Goals

In order to successfully carry out our Mission, the four Key Imperatives must be the focus. The College Goals are the top priorities for the year and are in service of the Mission. From there, department and individual goal plans align and cascade down to all employees.

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Strategic Plan Components

Pyramid divided into four sections starting from the top with mission, key imperatives, college goals, and ending with department and individual goals on the bottom.


Community Suggestion Box

Please share your ideas to improve ECC! Suggestions from students, employees, and the community are welcome and are sent to the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Department and the Process Improvement Team (PIT). You may remain anonymous or let us know your name and email address to receive a response.

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2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan

Creating the Current Plan

For the first time, our strategic plan was created 100% virtually. This meant the team couldn’t work in a conference room in small table discussions with flip charts and post-it notes. The team had to find new ways to facilitate the group’s participation through the technology of Zoom® break out rooms, Google® docs and sheets, Padlet®, and a fun online tool called Piccles® (pronounced “pickles”).