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Collage of man working on brakes, a nurse and a sheet metal student.

Since its founding in a wing of Elgin High School on January 10, 1949, Elgin Community College has grown into a nationally recognized institution that offers 130 degrees and certificates featuring dozens of transfer agreements with top universities, as well as career and technical programs to prepare students for immediate employment in rewarding careers.

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ecc women's team lined up with the team captain holding a soccer ball

2020 to 2029

In the post-COVID college landscape, the 2020s saw colleges begin prioritizing health safety, integrating technology for flexible learning and student mental health, and looking to emphasize diversity, equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

Culinary student making pumpkin pies

2010 to 2019

Embracing online learning, Illinois community colleges in the 2010s offered flexible education through digital platforms, reflecting the broader trend of technology integration in education.

Students working together in library

2000 to 2009

In the 2000s, Illinois community colleges adapted to the evolving needs of students and focused on technological integration, workforce development, and fostering community engagement.

Illinois Governor Jim Edgar visits ECC

1990 to 1999

In the 1990s, students were not merely spectators but active participants, skillfully navigating the dynamic currents of educational transformation and eagerly embracing the cultural currents that shaped their unique academic journey.

Student using a computer for 3-D Modeling

1980 to 1989

In the 1980s, Illinois experienced dynamic industrial growth driven by technological advancements, globalization, and a diversifying economy, contributing to the state's position as a key player in manufacturing and innovation.

1970s ECC Dating Event

1970 to 1979

In the 1970s, Illinois reached for gender equality, legal reforms, and increased awareness of women's issues, as the state played a crucial role in shaping the evolving political and educational landscape during this pivotal decade.

ECC classroom in the 1960s

1960 to 1969

During the 1960s, the Chicago area underwent a complex transformation characterized by social and political activism and significant racial tensions, reflecting the era's broader cultural shifts and challenges.

Professional woman on the phone in the office

1949 to 1959

In the 1950s, Illinois experienced a period of post-war economic prosperity, urban expansion, and social transformation, marked by the rise of suburban communities like District 509, industrial growth, and cultural shifts.

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that Elgin Community College currently sits on the traditional homelands of the Anishinaabe peoples: the Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi, and many other Native tribes. Let this land acknowledgment contribute to a continuing, deep, and respectful relationship between ECC and Native peoples.

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