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2024 - Take Five with…María de los Angeles Borrero

Tags: Administrator Profile
Published 01/19/2024
Maria de los Angeles Borrero, manager of community engagement and legislative affairs

Maria de los Angeles Borrero, manager of community engagement and legislative affairs

Welcome back, María de los Angeles Borrero! Maria joined ECC in August 2023 as the manager of community engagement and legislative affairs but became a Spartan long before that when she enrolled at ECC as a student in 2009. In her role, Maria is the bridge for District 509 community members to connect and explore what ECC offers, a perfect position for someone who has lived and worked all over Elgin, Ill. Maria has worked at several school districts and the Elgin Police Department.

Before making her mark in the community, Maria was born and raised in Puerto Rico, moving to the U.S. with her family when she was 18 years old after graduating high school. Read on and learn more about Maria! She shares her dream trip to Barcelona, Spain, a few podcast recommendations, and her time participating in a pageant.

What would you choose if you could instantly be an expert at one thing? Being able to speak and understand all languages of the world.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled, or where is somewhere you dream of going, and why? The best place I traveled to was the city of Barcelona, Spain. The architecture, culture, and views were incredible. I felt like I was walking in a dream. I think it was extra special because my friends and I decided to drive from Bilbao to Barcelona and it was our very first time in Spain. We gathered our maps and a compass and went on an incredible road trip. It was amazing!

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, whom would it be and why? I would have dinner with Kobe Bryant. He is one of the most influential athletes in my life. When I played basketball, I wore the number eight to honor his game. I would have loved to meet him and his daughter Gianna.

What’s on your playlist/podcast list? I enjoy listening to a variety of music and podcasts. I like classical music and alternative music styles, but you can also find tropical styles of music in my playlist. As far as podcasts, I genuinely enjoy comedian Sarah Silverman and the Joe Rogan Experience.

What is one surprising fact about you? When I moved from Puerto Rico, I was encouraged by some peers to participate in a scholarship pageant for young Puerto Rican women. I had no experience, as I predominately played sports throughout my middle school and high school career, but I decided to participate since the scholarship money would help my studies. I ended up winning the pageant, becoming Miss Puerto Rico Heritage Organization 2011-2012, and receiving a scholarship that helped me transfer to the University of Illinois at Chicago.