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2024 - Take Five with…Maggie Wright

Tags: Administrator Profile
Published 03/11/2024
Maggie Wright, communications and social media manager

Maggie Wright, communications and social media manager

Maggie Wright, communications and social media manager, knows what she’s doing when she snaps your photo for a social media post on ECC’s channels. Wright owned her own photography business for 12 years before working in a nonprofit as their fundraising and event coordinator and finding her home here at Elgin Community College in 2023. “My role here is a lot of fun,” said Wright. “It allows me to interact with employees and students on a level that many others do not. There is such a wonderful community here.”

Wright grew up in Downers Grove before moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for 11 years before returning to the area in 2014. There’s so much to learn about this employee besides the amazing photos, informative social media posts, and fun TikToks she makes for our college. When you pass her walking the track or around Lake Spartan during your lunch hour, she’s sure to be listening to an audiobook or one famous female pop artist. Read on to learn more about Wright!

Where is the best place you’ve traveled, or where is somewhere you dream of going, and why? Oahu, Hawaii! My sister and her family were stationed there for three years. She took us to so many amazing places, experiences we probably wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I think my favorite was a hike, where we could see whales breaching the ocean. It was magical. I missed her terribly when she was there!

Binge watcher, book club, or both? Both, but I lean more towards books. I joined Libby (a free library app) and have read or listened to almost 400 books since 2022.

What’s on your playlist/podcast list? I am a Swiftie convert. I was a teensy bit horrified when I saw my Year in Music Wrap-Up and how many minutes were dedicated to her. (6,985 scream emoji)

What did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut! I love space and science. I went to Space Camp in 6th grade (I still have my flight suit!), and as far as I was concerned, I was auditioning for NASA.

What is one surprising fact about you? The day I was born was the first and last time I was ever late for anything. (3 weeks and weighing almost 10 lbs, sorry, Mom!)