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2023 - Take Five With…Kent Payne

Tags: Administrator Profile
Published 04/24/2023
Kent Payne, director of athletics and wellness

Kent Payne, director of athletics and wellness

Kent Payne, director of athletics and wellness, is embarking on his 23rd year with the Elgin Community College athletics department. Growing up in Schaumburg, Ill., his coaching career began early with his first-ever job coaching for the Schaumburg Park District. His love for basketball followed him into college, where he played at Southern Indiana University. Payne’s first experience with a community college was coaching the men’s basketball team at Harper College before arriving at ECC and settling as a Spartan.

Read on and learn some fun facts and interests about your colleague over in Building J, like what sunny state he looks forward to retiring in, what’s on his television, and his love for Bruce Springsteen.

If you could instantly be an expert at one thing, what would you choose? Developing enough empathy and insight to provide family and friends with the best advice possible.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled, or where is somewhere you dream of going, and why? My wife Sherry and I have a retirement home in Fort Myers, Florida. We bought it in May 2022, and it is our dream area.

Binge watcher, book club, or both? I can binge-watch Modern Family, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Last Week Tonight with the best of them.

What’s one thing that really makes your day? Facetiming my 20-month-old grandson, Tatum James.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why? Easy – Bruce Springsteen. His music and lyrics paralleled my life growing up and into adulthood and even after 55—just the opportunity to discuss life and all the experiences it has brought and continues to bring.