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2023 - Jordan Williams: My advice for future students is to never give up

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Published 05/17/2023
Elgin Community College Spring 2023 graduate Jordan Williams

Elgin Community College Spring 2023 graduate Jordan Williams

My time at Elgin Community College has been quite the experience! I enrolled in 2016 to start my journey to qualify for the nursing program. After getting sick halfway through the program, I had to take a break for two years, during which time I learned that I had multiple chronic illnesses. I was fortunate to return last semester and begin where I left off. And now I’m graduating! I am finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a nurse and working to start my journey in the NICU.

ECC has changed my life, without a doubt! I don’t know if I could leave for two years, come back, and graduate in nine months at any other school. Throughout my time here, I was a member of the Associated Nursing Students Club, serving as president and currently secretary. Being a part of ANS allowed me to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths with in the program, grow as a leader, and institute change within our club. If I had to go through the nursing program again, I would always choose also to be a member of ANS.

My advice for future students is never to give up; you might need to take a break and rest, but never give up! I want to thank Donna Boyce, Barb Tarin, Aja Ferguson, Lisa West, Jackie Dalke, and Glenn Earl for being so encouraging and supportive whenever I needed it. I will miss you all so much!

Jordan Williams, Elgin

Associate of Applied Science

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