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2022 - Tyler Garza receives the 2022 Dr. David Sam Award

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Published 05/18/2022
Tyler Garza, 2022 Dr. David Sam Award Winner

Tyler Garza, 2022 Dr. David Sam Award Winner

Elmhurst University selected Elgin Community College graduate Tyler Garza (Streamwood) as the 2022 Dr. David Sam Award winner. The scholarship awarded is $3,000, and Garza is also eligible for other transfer scholarships from Elmhurst. He graduated from ECC in the fall of 2021 with an associate in arts degree.

"It felt amazing to receive this scholarship. To me, college is super scary financially," said Garza. "Knowing that some of the financial burdens would be lifted was relieving. It was also a great feeling to know that my essay was well-received since I put my heart into it." In addition to the scholarship award, he was invited to join the honors program at Elmhurst. 

Garza plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology with a potential focus on marriage or family counseling. His interest in psychology began when he realized that being a people person and putting himself out there for others in need was a natural part of who he is and continually strives to be. Garza plans to continue his education by obtaining a master's degree and licensure to become a clinical therapist.

"Despite all the hardships that will inevitably accompany reaching my goal, the reward of knowing that I'll be able to serve my true purpose of helping people is worth every one of those hardships," said Garza. "Proper education is paramount to becoming an effective therapist, which is why academics are so important to me. Although attending ECC was only the first step in my long journey, having such a positive experience will always stick with me."

For more information on how to pay for school, visit the ECC Scholarships webpage to receive assistance.