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2022 - Student leaders elected to represent the 2022-23 student body

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Published 04/22/2022
Student trustee Alison McVey and student body president Leslie Gracia

Student trustee Alison McVey and student body president Leslie Gracia

Elgin Community College welcomes five new student leaders for the 2022-23 academic year. Alison McVey (South Elgin) has been selected as the new student trustee, Leslie Gracia (Elgin) as student body president, Alexia Smith (Elgin) as executive vice president, Fitz Ramirez (Pingree Grove) as executive secretary, and Di Lan Johnson (Bartlett) as executive treasurer.

McVey will be replacing James Allen, Jr. who has served as the Student Trustee for the 2021-2022 term. Allen, is also the current president of Students Who Are Not Silent (SWANS), will continue his work toward an associate in applied science in paralegal studies and associate in arts, with plans to graduate in December 2022. “My time as student trustee has been an invaluable and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to represent ECC’s students at the board level,” said Allen. “I am excited for Alison to fill this role. She is very smart, very dedicated to the students at ECC, and will be a great addition to the board.”

“I decided to run for student trustee because I care about the student body and want to better the environment for all students here at ECC,” said McVey. “Every student deserves an equal opportunity and a great experience at community college. I want to help support them and make their journey here a great one. I am excited to work with a wonderful new team and advocate for student needs through the board of trustees.”

Gracia was elected to serve as the president of the student government. “I decided to run because I believe all ECC students deserve to have their voices heard,” said Gracia. “I’m looking to use this position to build my leadership skills and induce a sense of community amongst our campus.” Outgoing student government president Jenna Manzano graduates in May with an associate in arts.

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