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2021 - Celebrate Representation, Identity, and Diversity during Black History Month

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Published 01/26/2021
2021 Black History Month at Elgin Community College

2021 Black History Month at Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College's celebration of Black History Month brings the themes of diversity, representation, and family directly to the community with a line-up of virtual presentations, discussions, and interactive events. 

"We decided to expand the national Black History Month theme to not just focus on the family, but the impact of representation, identity, and diversity on the Black community as a whole," said Erik Enders, ECC student life coordinator for targeted populations and chair of the Black History Month committee. "This month, we will learn together, have fun together, and break bread together."

Events include a look at mental health in the Black community, a historical look at racism in the Midwest, a talent showcase, a discussion on ball culture and the black community, and a student-led town hall on race and justice. The celebration ends with a virtual Family Picnic and Game Night.

Get full event details at For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at 847-214-7079. All events are free and open to the public.

2021 Black History Month line up:

Mental Health in the Black Community: How to Move Beyond Four Centuries of Stress, Trauma, and Drama
Tuesday, February 2, 3 pm
A discussion on four different mental health topics that have affected the black community from the 1700s until now. This discussion will look at and discuss similarities and trends in mental health issues talk about ways to help the black community move forward in wellness.

A Crucial Conversation About Race and Justice: A Student-Led Town Hall
Thursday, February 11, 2 pm
A student-led town hall about the role of race and its intersection with justice in our society.

A Discussion on Ball Culture with Dr. Marlon Bailey
Thursday, February 18, 6 pm
Marlon Bailey, PhD professor at Arizona State University, discusses the impact of ball culture on the African American and LGBTQ+ communities.

This is Black America Virtual Talent Showcase
Friday, February 19, 7 pm
ECC showcase their talents in the arts with a social justice, black family, black patriotism, or black history theme. Hosted by Christopher D. Sims, nationally known poet and performance artist.

Black Lives Matter: A Historical Perspective
Sponsored by MAGIC

Thursday, February 25, 2 pm
Gain insight into the systemic racism Black families found (and still find today) in the Midwest. Learn how to act to help Black families feel welcome and supported in your community.

Online Family Picnic and Game Night
Friday, February 26, 7 pm
In the spirit of the Kwanzaa principles Umoja (Unity) and Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), celebrate the closing of Black History Month with a night of fun and fellowship with games and food from local restaurants.