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2021 - Affordable coding bootcamps offered at ECC aim to close skills gap

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Published 06/21/2021
ECC and Promineo Tech are offering affordable coding bootcamps this summer

ECC and Promineo Tech are offering affordable coding bootcamps this summer

Part-time programs designed to reskill and upskill students to

fill entry-level developer positions

There are more than 3,000 open software developer roles in the greater Chicago area, according to, indicating the demand for skilled developers continues to grow as companies adjust to an increasingly data-driven world. Additionally, in a article, Data Engineering is the fastest-growing job role in 2019, growing by 50 percent in 2019 according to DICE’s  2020 Tech Job Report. To help meet the growing demand and close skills gaps, Elgin Community College is partnering with Promineo Tech to offer coding and data engineering boot camps in July, August, and September 2021. 

“Businesses are growing and in need of skilled developers to keep up with consumer demand,” said Karin Quist, continuing education and corporate training course developer at Elgin Community College. “Even seasoned developers need to learn updated methods and practices to keep up with the frequent changes in technology. This partnership allows ECC to increase access to in-demand skills training to the community conveniently and affordably so those in the workforce can gain the necessary training to improve their skills or to increase their marketability.”

Programs are structured as part-time, fully online, and flexible for students, including working adults with a full-time workload. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a Front End or Back End Coding Bootcamp and commit to learning the skills of an employable developer in just 18 weeks. 

The Data Engineering Bootcamp offers a more intensive course to those who have previous experience with coding. This Bootcamp is 26 weeks and will cover technologies including Python programming, Hadoop, and cloud-based services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Participants will be introduced to such methods as data wrangling, munging, ingesting, and modeling for analytics.

“We don’t teach lessons, we teach students. Our Bootcamp programs, and the whole methodology of how we teach, revolve around giving students the individualized experience they need to be successful,” said Nick Suwyn, president of Promineo Tech. “Because of our unique model, we’re able to provide the dedicated support students need to learn software development at a significantly reduced cost compared to other boot camps out there.”

Students of the boot camps can expect to spend about 20 hours a week dedicated to mastering the material, joining live micro-tailored lectures and office hours, and meeting one-on-one with mentors. The successful student will be prepared to fill entry-level roles with competitive salaries and rewarding careers. 

Enrollment for July, August, and September cohorts is currently live. To learn more about attending or offering a coding boot camp, visit  ECC's Promineo Tech website

About Promineo Tech: Promineo Tech is an Education-as-a-Service provider that partners with Community Colleges to offer coding bootcamps and related technology training. Their mission is to make technology education affordable, accessible, and low-risk for everyone so that anyone has the opportunity to improve their lives through learning. They teach people the skills needed to enter and be successful in high-demand technology fields such as the software development industry. Learn more at