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2020 - New ECC discussion series confronts racism head on

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Published 07/29/2020
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Elgin Community College’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee (MAGIC) will present a new series, “Confronting Racism Head On,” online as a follow-up to the successful summer series “Black Lives Matter.” Part I of this new series, ‘Racism on Display,’ is scheduled for Thursday, August 6, at 2 pm. You can join the discussion via Zoom. The session will also be live-streamed on ECC’s Facebook page.

“The events of this summer have brought back to the forefront of discussion the continued use of confederate flags, symbols, and monuments, as well as American Indian sports teams' names and mascots,” said Susan Timm, EdD, ECC professor of digital technologies and MAGIC co-chair. “The MAGIC Committee believes this topic warrants our immediate attention.” 

In this session, a panel will discuss all of these topics that have been thrust into national conversations as the U.S. awakens to the reality that these symbols do not honor culture as much as they signal disrespect for certain groups. Join the discussion as we explore these and other groups targeted through what some might call symbols of hate hidden in plain sight.

Timm adds, “MAGIC is dedicated to looking at symbols of racism that many of us have nonchalantly accepted as having historical significance for our country and serving as a way to honor the culture they represent. In reality, however, these are examples of hate and oppression on display that serve to perpetuate disrespect and negative stereotypes.”

To bring you this critically important series, MAGIC is partnering with ECC Black Student Achievers (BSA), ECC Student Life, ECC Police Department, ECC Renner Academic Library, Elgin Police Department, and Gail Borden Public Library. The event is limited to 300 participants, however, the session will be recorded and made available to the public afterwards.

ECC’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee aims to prepare individuals to succeed in a diverse society by providing and supporting multicultural learning experiences at Elgin Community College and within District 509 with the ultimate goal of creating an inclusive environment at the college.

For additional information, contact Susan Timm, EdD, at 847-214-7916 or or Clark Hallpike, ECC professor of business and MAGIC co-chair, at 847-214-7542 or