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2020 - Message from Elgin Community College Board of Trustees

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Published 06/22/2020
Official ECC logo.

Official ECC logo.

Open Letter to the 509 Community,

On behalf of the members of the Elgin Community College Board of Trustees, I wish to express our endorsement of President, Dr. David Sam’s message of June 4, 2020, sent to students and employees imploring all peoples to support the rights of others and to take a stand on equity and fairness.

We the members of the board wholly stand behind and exercise our “Shared Values,” namely Equity, Diversity, Accountability, and Ethical Practices. We support all our students regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or personal ideals. 

Let us emphasize, that Black lives matter, the success of our Black students matters! Being a majority, minority college, ECC has a history of supporting, encouraging and celebrating students of color. This is very evident at graduation, where hundreds of minority students cross the stage. The board is committed to the causes and initiatives that help our students of color reach their dreams and potential.

Before closing, it is important to state that the college police force has done an admirable job of keeping our students and employees safe. Recently, the college police assisted the student organized walk for equality that began at ECC and ended at the Elgin police station. The walk was peaceful, civil, and well organized with the oversight and assistance of our ECC police force.

The Board of Trustees is proud of our college President and his constant support of the rights and freedoms of all our students. At this time, we are especially proud of the stance he has taken to openly condemn acts of violence, hatred, and racism.


Donna Redmer, EdD

Chair, Elgin Community College Board of Trustees