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2020 - ECC discussion series focuses on Black Lives Matter

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Published 06/08/2020
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Elgin Community College’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee (MAGIC) will present a new series, “Black Lives Matter,” online this summer starting Wednesday, June 10, at 2 pm. The first Zoom session is posted on Facebook.

“We've already been going through a collective trauma and are now fighting for civil rights,” said Susan Timm, ECC professor of digital technologies and MAGIC co-chair. “Intense emotions are being felt in our local communities and around the world."

Clark Hallpike, ECC professor of business and MAGIC co-chair, added, "MAGIC’s “Black Lives Matter” series will reflect on some of the issues that are weighing so heavily on us and support the movement towards racial equity and justice for Black Americans.”

MAGIC’s first program in this series is "Policing in the U.S." Participants will hear from those in local policing, including officers from the Elgin Police Department, ECC Police Department, Illinois State Police, Association of Black Law Enforcement (ABLE) – Illinois Chapter and others in the community as they share from their views on: 

  • Experiencing pain and trauma
  • Serving in law enforcement
  • Making changes that will impact systemic racism

Out of respect for the voices of those who will be sharing, we are asking all participants to just listen. Throughout the event, comments and questions can be made in the Chat room. At the end of the program, some of the questions from the Chat will be addressed. After that point, there will be opportunities for those who would like to share their own experiences and to be heard.

To bring you this critically important series, MAGIC is partnering with ECC Black Student Achievers (BSA), ECC Student Life, ECC Police Department, ECC Renner Academic Library, Elgin Police Department, and Gail Borden Public Library.

ECC’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee aims to prepare individuals to succeed in a diverse society by providing and supporting multicultural learning experiences at Elgin Community College and within District 509 with the ultimate goal of creating an inclusive environment at the college.

For additional information, contact Susan Timm at 847-214-7916 or or Clark Hallpike, ECC professor of business and MAGIC co-chair, at 847-214-7542 or