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2020 - ECC Black Lives Matter series concludes with discussion on implicit bias and microaggress

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Published 07/06/2020
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Elgin Community College’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee (MAGIC) presents Part III of its new series, “Black Lives Matter,” on Thursday, July 9, at 2 pm. The discussion will take place via Zoom, and all are invited to attend. The session will also be live-streamed on ECC’s Facebook page.

“Part III, ‘I’m NOT Racist, But Is Being ‘Not Racist’ Enough?’ continues the conversation about becoming anti-racist,” said Susan Timm, EdD, ECC professor of digital technologies and MAGIC co-chair. “We’ll hear from authentic voices as they share examples of implicit biases and microaggressions, and learn what we can do to stop the cycle of systemic racism.”

Microaggressions are the every day (verbal and nonverbal) slights, insults, and derogatory messages, whether intentional or unintentional, directed toward people of color.

Panelists include ECC’s own Dr. Toya Webb, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, who analyzed racial microaggressions as part of her doctoral research; Ryan Kerr, associate professor of English; and Dr. Mae-Hick Jones, adjunct instructor and former Chief Diversity Officer for Northern Trust. Also on the panel is Joshua Boyd, a licensed professional counselor, advocate, writer, and creator who has focused his latest efforts on educating his audience to understand racism, microaggressions, crime statistics, and how to be an effective white ally.

Join the session on Zoom.

Out of respect for the voices of those who will be sharing, MAGIC is asking participants to simply listen. Throughout the event, comments and questions can be made in the virtual chat room. At the end of the program, some of the questions from the chat will be answered. After that point, there will opportunities for those who would like to share their own experiences as well.

MAGIC’s first part in this series centered on "Policing in the U.S." and included participants from the Elgin Police Department, ECC Police Department, Illinois State Police, Association of Black Law Enforcement (ABLE) – Illinois Chapter and others in the community sharing their views on experiencing pain and trauma, serving in law enforcement and making changes that will impact systemic racism. A recording of this first session is posted on Facebook.

Part II focused on discussions on how to become anti-racist. Community members shared their experiences with systemic racism, and allies spoke about ways to fight for equality and justice by being anti-racist. A recording of this second session can be found on Facebook.

To bring you this critically important series, MAGIC is partnering with ECC Black Student Achievers (BSA), ECC Student Life, ECC Police Department, ECC Renner Academic Library, Elgin Police Department, and Gail Borden Public Library. The event is limited to 300 participants, however, the session will be recorded and made available to the public afterwards.

ECC’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee aims to prepare individuals to succeed in a diverse society by providing and supporting multicultural learning experiences at Elgin Community College and within District 509 with the ultimate goal of creating an inclusive environment at the college.

For additional information, contact Susan Timm, EdD, at 847-214-7916 or or Clark Hallpike, ECC professor of business and MAGIC co-chair, at 847-214-7542 or