Apprenticeship Program

Start your career as an apprentice.

Some questions to ask yourself about getting work experience as an apprentice:

  • What is an apprenticeship and how does it work? An apprenticeship is a structured program that combines classroom instruction with on the job training. Apprentices are hired by an employer that agrees to sponsor their apprenticeship in their desired program of study. Apprentices will begin working for their employer almost immediately and start their on the job training with a highly skilled mentor. At the same time, apprentices will enroll in their required program courses at ECC. When classes begin, the apprentice will attend courses at ECC on the designated days and continue to work for their employer sponsor, typically on days they are not in school.
  • Do apprentices get paid? Yes. ECC has apprenticeship opportunities that are based on the Learn while you Earn model which involves paid on the job training. In addition, apprentices receive incremental wage increases as their skills and knowledge increase.
  • Why should I become an apprentice? Apprentices benefit in several ways. In addition to receiving paid on the job training while going to school, apprentice tuition, books, and fees at ECC are paid for by their employer sponsor. No College Debt! Depending on the apprenticeship program, apprentices will receive a Basic Vocational Certificate (BVS) or an Associate of Applied Science degree after completing the required coursework. Apprentices will also receive a Certificate of Completion from the Department of Labor for completing a registered apprenticeship. This credential, along with a degree or certificate from ECC, is portable and recognized nationally. Depending on the apprenticeship, the apprentice is guaranteed full-time work for up to 2 years after graduation!
  • Where can I learn more about apprenticeships and find opportunities? ECC offers career fairs and participates in community events throughout the year where you can learn more about this opportunity. You can also find opportunities for apprenticeships with our partnering employers at ECC’s online job board, Hire Spartans.
  • How do i become an apprentice?/get started Current students can submit an Apprenticeship Interest Form to be contacted by a representative from Strategic Partnerships and Experiential Learning to schedule an appointment with the apprenticeship coordinator. If you are not an ECC student please apply using this free application Apply to ECC.

Student Opportunities

Early application for the next year's cohort is essential.

  • Industrial Maintenance Technology*
  • CNC Machining professional*
  • Basic Nurse Assistant (BNA)
  • Fire Fighter/Paramedic
  • Culinary

*offered in partnership with the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT)

Students: Get started

  1. If you're a current student, submit an Apprenticeship Interest Form. If you aren't a student at ECC yet, please apply using this free application. After you've applied, come back and submit the Application Interest Form.
  2. Interview with companies that have partnered with ECC to offer an apprenticeship.

Employers: Grow your workforce with an apprenticeship program

Employers see a healthy ROI on their programs that are attractive to employees who want to work as an apprentice while in school. Plus, it can help you proactively address future workforce shortages. Work with Elgin Community College Strategic Partnerships & Experiential Learning team to get started.

Consider this:

  • Why should you hire an apprentice? Help you grow your skilled/trained workforce by promoting existing workers or new hires resulting in well-trained employees who thrive in your environment, culture, and job.
  • How do I find an apprentice to hire? ECC will help through a variety of career fairs and community expos throughout the year. Plus, we offer an online tool, HireSpartans, to post positions. We also partner with the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) to promote your apprenticeship(s).
  • What are the benefits of having an apprentice? Increase employee morale and loyalty. The National Apprenticeship Service states that 92 percent of companies with apprenticeship programs believe that it leads to higher motivation. Eighty percent report increases in employee retention.
  • Why do companies offer apprenticeships? Organizations large and small use apprenticeships to promote diversity in the workplace. It also helps cut recruiting costs by reaching out to area students taking ECC classes to gain skills and certification.
  • Why are apprenticeships good for business? Apprenticeships create additional opportunities for brand and company name recognition. Plus, by cutting recruiting costs and increasing loyalty, you'll retain employees.

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