Student Right to Know

Student Right-To-Know (SRTK) refers to a federally mandated public disclosure of a college’s completion rate and transfer rate. SRTK intends to provide the consumer with a statistic of comparable effectiveness to be used in determining college choice. All colleges nationwide are required to participate in these disclosures.

In compliance with the SRTK and Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, and the Campus Security Act of 1990, Elgin Community College makes its completion/transfer rates and campus crime information available to all current and prospective students.

Enrollment, Graduation and Transfer

Completion statistics released by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) disclose how full-time students who entered Elgin Community College in Fall 2015 compared with other community college students in Illinois. Seventy-three percent of Elgin Community College students had completed, transferred, or were still enrolled three years later.

If these students were followed for four years rather than three years, the transfer and graduation rates would increase. Three years is a relatively short time frame for community college students, many of whom are working full-time or part-time. Other students may leave school temporarily for work or family reasons, or they may change their program of study, and some students may require developmental coursework upon admission. All of these factors tend to delay events like graduation or transfer.

Job Placement Rates

Job attainment information after graduation.

Equity in Athletics

For more athletics data, please visit Equity in Athletics Data Analysis, and search by school.

Pass Rates on Licensing Examinations

These numbers reflect the percentage of ECC students (January to December) who pass licensing examinations in professional disciplines.

Illinois Community College Board (ICCB)

The ICCB is a statewide website that provides a single point of reference to review salary and benefits information for administrative and instructional employees (full and part-time) in Illinois’ 48 public community colleges. The Illinois Community College System Annual Administrator and Faculty Salary and Benefits Portal addresses requirements of Public Act 096-0266.

Criminal Incidents Statistics and Information

The college prepares, publishes, and disseminates statistical reports on crimes and arrests defined under the Crime Awareness and Campus Safety Act of 1990, CFR 668.41.