Erin Vobornik, ESL unit adjunct faculty
Faculty Profile | General
Published 09/21/2022

Erin Vobornik advocates for the importance of adult education and literacy programs

I came to the field of adult education, as many do, by accident. After completing my master’s degree, I picked up a class teaching high school equivalency (HSE) and English as a second language (ESL) as I tried to decide what my next steps were. Spoiler - I never left. I was immediately moved by the students in my high school equivalency class.

Teatro Que Importa:
Arts Center | Events | Student Profile
Published 09/20/2022

ECC performing arts student Taina Caraballo to direct upcoming Latinx Heritage Month play

Elgin Community College performing arts student Tiana Caraballo (Streamwood) has been studying theater at ECC since she began in 2019 but has considered herself a theater kid since she was little. “I’m very lucky and appreciative that I’ve gotten to be able to carry my passion into my college studies,” said Caraballo. “It’s a part of who I am.”

Marlen Ruiz, academic advisor
Staff Profile
Published 09/16/2022

Take Five With…Marlen Ruiz

Take five out of your day this week to get to know Marlen Ruiz a little better! Ruiz is an Academic Advisor and has been with Elgin Community College since 2003.

Vincent Gaddis, PhD, professor of history
Faculty Profile
Published 09/12/2022

Take Five With…Vincent Gaddis

This week, take a five-minute break to learn a little something extra about Vincent Gaddis, PhD, professor of history. Gaddis just passed his one-year mark as an ECC faculty member, having previously taught at Benedictine University.

Emily Kies, senior director of emergency management
Announcement | General
Published 09/08/2022

National Preparedness Month emphasizes importance of being ready to respond

National Preparedness Month is an observance each September to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. At Elgin Community College, being ready for an emergency is a top priority to keep our students, staff, and campus safe.

Jerrmiah Wright, recruitment coordinator
Staff Profile
Published 09/06/2022

Take Five With…Jerrmiah Wright

This week, take five minutes to learn something we didn’t know before about Jerrmiah Wright, recruitment coordinator. Jerrmiah has worked at Elgin Community College since 2019, and this year you can also find him on the basketball court sidelines! Wright has joined the ECC women’s basketball team as their new Assistant Coach.

2022-23 Student Leaders: Leslie Gracia, Student Body President, and Alison McVey, Student Trustee
Academics | Student Profile
Published 08/30/2022

Welcome, Spartans, to the Fall 2022 Semester

The 2022-23 student leaders Leslie Gracia, student body president, and Alison McVey, student trustee, welcome Spartans to the fall semester with some words of wisdom.

Kelli Marlin, medical assisting program director
Administrator Profile
Published 08/29/2022

Take Five With…Kelli Marlin

This week, take five minutes to learn more about our colleague Kelli Marlin. Marlin is the new Medical Assisting Program Director. She began at Elgin Community College this past year to help spearhead the brand new Medical Assisting program starting with classes this fall.

Sean Jensen, Director of Transfer Services
General | Student Resources
Published 07/18/2022

Sean Jensen helps tackle transfer trepidations

According to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, our state is a leader in transfer and graduation rates for transfer students. Due to the varying requirements at four-year institutions, transfer planning may be intimidating, but Elgin Community College provides many resources in its Student Success Center to help prepare students for transfer success.

ECC student Kristine Darvin
Achievements | College Publication | Foundation
Published 06/29/2022

Using data to help fund dreams

As a student who struggled in high school, Darvin is now an honors student in the nursing program and will graduate in the fall of 2022. Darvin received support from the ECC Foundation Complete to Compete Program, which provided crucial financial support that ensured she could concentrate more on her studies and less on financial strains.

Sergio Rodriguez, district 509 board of trustees member
Achievements | Alumni Profile | College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

On Board: Alumnus returns to serve students

Sergio Rodriguez, ’06, knows what it’s like to be a student at Elgin Community College. Now serving as a member of the District 509 Board of Trustees, he plans to put those experiences to work on behalf of students and district residents.

ECC alum and maintenance technician adjunct instructor Adams Tangue Tsapi
Achievements | College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

ICAPS graduate becomes ECC instructor

Adams Tangue Tsapi, ‘20, credits his experiences in the Integrated Career & Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) program for giving him a competitive advantage.

Desiree Oliveros, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

Focusing on Wellness: Supporting students with holistic care

As the COVID-19 pandemic persisted, mental health became a pervasive and expanding issue. The need to focus on students' mental health became more apparent as students all over the country faced a great deal of uncertainty, unexpected shifts to remote learning, and a diminished sense of community.

Joe Rosenfeld, PsyD, professor of human services
Academics | College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

Crisis care…from those who have been there

Elgin Community College is one of only 11 Illinois colleges awarded a state grant by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to support a new program for certified recovery support specialists (CRSS) and certified peer recovery specialists (CPRS). The new offerings launch this fall with the IDHS grant covering the cost of tuition, fees, books, and other wraparound services, such as child care and transportation.

From left to right: Fred Vogt, professor of biology, Kelli Marlin, medical assisting program director, Shelby Stanley, ophthalmic technician program director, Wendy Miller, dean of health professions, math, science & engineering
Academics | College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

Building a future

Elgin Community College is known for offering innovative programs that provide students with access to in-demand training and education. One area of continued growth lies in the programs celebrating a decade of progress since the construction of the health and life sciences building in January 2012.

ECC student Maryam Ebadi and Pietrina Probst, director of ADA, student access, and disability services
College Publication
Published 06/29/2022

Accommodating Dreams

Maryam Ebadi, a single mother living with a hereditary degenerative vision disorder, immigrated to the U.S. excited to continue working toward her dream of becoming a family counselor. After completing her GED® prep at Elgin Community College, the next step was taking placement exams at her local community college.

Kristina Garcia, PhD, associate dean of communications and behavioral sciences
Administrator Profile
Published 05/31/2022

Kristina Garcia brings her family values to ECC

During Kristina Garcia’s first visit to campus, she had her mother by her side, waiting for her in the Jobe Lounge while interviewing for associate dean of communications and behavioral sciences. Garcia’s unconditional support for her family is reflected in her role as associate dean in supporting Elgin Community College faculty and students.

Evelin Gonzalez, student speaker for the Spring 2022 Career and Technical Programs Commencement Ceremony
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/23/2022

Evelin Gonzalez Tapia: I am standing in front of you because I have received help, encouragement, a

Thank you Dr. Gregory Robinson, and ECC faculty and trustees. It's my honor today to deliver the commencement address for my incredible fellow ECC classmates. Also, I want to welcome peers’ families, and faculty to this graduation day at Elgin Community College. Please note that each one of you has made a positive impact on each one of us who is graduating today.

Dylan Mejdrich, student speaker for the Spring 2022 University Transfer Commencement Ceremony
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/23/2022

Dylan Mejdrich: ECC has been an opportunity, a blessing, a second chance, and a place to put my hea

I want to thank everyone for coming to graduation. I haven’t seen this many happy people in quite some time. It is humbling to be able to address and represent a group with so many different stories to tell.

Claudia Robles, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/19/2022

Claudia Robles: ECC gave me the opportunity to mature and learn

When I was a high school student, I never thought I would be able to say I am vice president of student government, the social media coordinator for the Human Services Club, an Elgin Community College honors graduate, and transferring to my dream school, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Karina Hernandez Flores, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/18/2022

Karina Hernandez Flores: Whatever you want from life, you will be capable of reaching it and inspir

Did you have a chance to stop and think about what you want from life? It might be one of the most challenging questions that someone can answer. As a mother of eight children, my immediate answer is “to be a good mom,” but a question behind that answer resonated in my mind: “How to become that good mom that my children need?” Then I realized that what I needed was to understand who I am.

Jenna Manzano, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/18/2022

Jenna Manzano: ECC has taught me to be proud of who I am

Elgin Community College was a surprise in many different ways. I hadn’t considered applying here until a few weeks before school started in 2020. My future was uncertain due to the global pandemic and family complications, but ECC provided me with normalcy.

Patrick Able, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Patrick Able: For the first time in my life, I am not directionless, and I have ECC to thank for th

I never considered getting an education past high school was something meant for me. For ten years, I was in and out of Elgin Community College multiple times, trying different things. I reapplied to ECC one last time, and it has been one of the best academic experiences of my life.

Madeleine Ryan, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Madeleine Ryan: At ECC, I finally found my future in nursing

Growing up, I was never a kid that knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I went through phases of wanting to be a teacher, a doctor, a vet, a ballerina; all the things little girls say they want to be. It wasn’t until my high school AP biology class that I really started to fall in love with human anatomy and the medical field.

Kristine Darvin, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Kristine Darvin: ECC helps students find success

The past four years of being a student have not been easy. I started my journey in the spring of 2019, and since then, many things have changed in the world of academics.

Hailey Hall, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Hailey Hall: Pursue your passion no matter how hard it may seem

It has been a great journey attending Elgin Community College for the last two years. ECC has allowed me to enhance not only my educational career but also my career in softball. I have played softball for the last 15 years, and I was not sure if I would be able to continue playing once I reached the collegiate level.

Eduardo Chaidez, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Eduardo Chaidez: To ECC, thank you for the memories

Between 2013 and 2022, I've changed majors eight times, been to three universities, earned an associate in science, completed over 100 credit hours, have a cumulative GPA of 2.8, earned my industrial maintenance certificate, and will start my career repairing kidney transporters. During my time at Elgin Community College, I was part of the Anime Club.

Diana Rodriguez, Spring 2022 Graduate
Achievements | Commencement | Graduation Essays | Student Profile
Published 05/16/2022

Diana Rodriguez: I’m grateful for all that ECC has done for me

When I began my journey at Elgin Community College, graduating with my Associate in Science appeared to me like an impossible goal to achieve. I felt this way for many reasons, and it seemed that there were more reasons why I would not make it than reasons why I could.

Anthony Ramos, executive director of equity, diversity, and inclusion
Achievements | Administrator Profile
Published 05/04/2022

Ramos helps align ECC’s equity work

Elgin Community College has been dedicated to supporting and consistently improving an environment where each student can find success in their educational and career pursuits by fostering a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This past year, Anthony Ramos was hired as the inaugural executive director of equity, diversity, and inclusion to further sharpen the collective efforts already underway at ECC.

Mary Perkins, EdD, dean of college transitions and secondary partnerships
Published 04/25/2022

Mary Perkins shares the strength of a foundation built at a community college

Community college was not only the place where I earned my first college degree, but it was also the place that opened my mind and heart to much more than I knew possible growing up. Through those early experiences at community college, I found a place where I belonged. The personal relationships and opportunities to get involved on campus influenced my future career path in such a way that I began to consider how working in higher education may be the right place for me.

Local high school students Anthony Greco from South Elgin High School and Mariam Laila Ali from Streamwood High School outside of ECC with their EMT certificates
Achievements | General
Published 04/22/2022

Area high school students complete EMT training

Two local high school students, Mariam Laila Ali from Streamwood High School and Anthony Greco from South Elgin High School, may be lowering the average age limit for emergency responders, but they are no less qualified or dedicated to helping people. Both earned their Emergency Medical Technician certification at Elgin Community College this past year.

Samantha Friar, EdD, director of TRiO student support services
Administrator Profile
Published 04/18/2022

Samantha Friar takes students onward and upward

Samantha Friar’s department assists more than 500 ECC students in completing their degrees through various programs and resources. Outside of ECC, she finds time for some of her favorite activities, such as card games and roller skating.

Pam Singleton, managing director of business services
Staff Profile
Published 04/11/2022

Pam Singleton keeps ECC cruising onward

As the managing director of business services, Singleton helps ensure Elgin Community College faculty and staff have what they need to do their jobs to help drive student success.

Pietrina Probst, director of ADA, student access and disability services
Achievements | Staff Profile
Published 04/06/2022

Pietrina Probst pushes ECC forward in increasing accessibility

Providing an equal opportunity for education is the primary purpose and passion that drive the work of Pietrina Probst, director of ADA, student access and disability services at Elgin Community College. Pietrina and her department exist to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion for students with disabilities in the classroom and around campus.

ECC student Luis Moran
Achievements | Student Profile
Published 04/05/2022

Luis Moran finds success in UIUC Engineering Pathways Partnership

Luis Moran of Bartlett, Ill., will be the first ECC student to graduate through the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Engineering Pathways Partnership in May. The UIIC Engineering Pathways Partnership offers a guaranteed admission option into 14 majors to qualifying students interested in transferring to The Grainger College of Engineering.

Diane Boldt, Workforce Development: Job Search/Developer Specialist
Staff Profile
Published 04/04/2022

Diane Boldt helps future workforce leaders find their path

Since 2014, Diane Boldt has been assisting ECC students in finding their future as a job search developer for the Future Workforce Leaders program out of the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division. Outside of assisting ECC students in finding their career paths, Boldt finds herself constantly on the hiking paths.

Janice Amos, MA, history adjunct faculty and instructional co-coordinator of history and political science departments
Published 03/31/2022

A look at some of the history behind Women’s History Month

Women have been making significant contributions to society ever since people lived in caves. Unfortunately, it is not until much later in recorded history that even a small number of them are recognized, and not always for good deeds.

Kim Tarver, MPT, professor of physical therapist assistant
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 03/30/2022

Tarver pushes for cultural competency for students and staff

Kim Tarver, MPT, professor of physical therapist assistant at Elgin Community College, looks to use every avenue available to pursue equity, diversity, and inclusion. From integrating diverse case studies into her curriculum to leading the faculty union to more equitable practices, Tarver believes anyone can have an impact no matter where they sit at the table.

Lauren Nehlsen, Ph.D., associate dean of recruitment and outreach services and Center for Global Engagement
Published 03/29/2022

Moving Forward with Excitement: Experience All That ECC Offers

The world is a much-altered place than it was two years ago, and with it, we have all changed a bit along the way. Our priorities, desires, and dreams have changed; how we spend our time, money, and energy is different. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Vincent Gaddis, PhD, professor of history and political science
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 03/16/2022

For Dr. Gaddis, Inclusivity is the Key to Educational Success

Vincent Gaddis, PhD, began teaching at Elgin Community College this past August, but he is no stranger to the campus and the work being done to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion within the classroom and community. In fact, he has been a driving force behind it.

Shawn Maxwell, professor of music
Faculty Profile
Published 03/14/2022

Shawn Maxwell strikes a harmonious cord at ECC

Shawn Maxwell began as a professor of music in 2015, but his previous job teaching high school music at Geneva Community High School was what first brought him to the campus. Outside of teaching, Maxwell has his hands full raising three young girls and his backyard barn of animals!

Joe Rosenfeld, PsyD, professor of human services
Published 03/10/2022

Social Work: What is it and how did we get here?

The social work profession can be traced back to the work of two amazing women, Dorothea Dix and Jane Addams. Looking at their accomplishments, we can see that many of those initiatives have found a home at community colleges.

Lori Clark, EdD, professor of English
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 03/09/2022

Dr. Lori Clark encourages inclusivity where students can see themselves reflected

For Professor of English Lori Clark, much of her EDI work takes place behind the scenes, but the outcomes can be seen everywhere on campus. “It’s critical that students, especially students of color and LGBTQ+ students, see themselves reflected both in the campus community and in the course curriculum.” Clark has led the way on many EDI initiatives related to gender identity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Maggie Im, academic advisor, holds a copy of a registration brochure in the student succes center
Newsletter | Staff Profile
Published 03/07/2022

Smile Big with Maggie Im

A person's journey into higher education can begin at any time. For some, that journey begins before they leave high school. Maggie Im is a Dual Credit Academic Advisor at Elgin Community College who works with District U-46 high school seniors taking college-level courses while completing their high school degrees.

Alison Douglas, Ed.D., professor of English, and Colleen Stribling, Ed.D., professor of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 03/02/2022

Douglas and Stribling pave the way for ESL student success

Alison Douglas and Colleen Stribling have been working together since 2013 to build a bridge between their two departments. Their goal is to increase student success and create a system enhanced through equity, diversity, and inclusion, or EDI. This led to the creation of a Learning Community that allows students enrolled in the Advanced ESL Transitions course to simultaneously enroll in English 101 while also allowing them to forego the placement test required by the English department.

Chasity Gunn, MFA, professor of English
Faculty Profile
Published 02/28/2022

Chasity Gunn; poet, educator, storyteller

Instructor of English Chasity Gunn’s talent and passion for writing extends throughout Elgin Community College and into the community as the inaugural Poet Laureate of Elgin. Gunn began at ECC in 2019 teaching Language Arts in the High School Equivalency Program.

Ryan Kerr, MA, associate professor of English
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 02/23/2022

Ryan Kerr helps craft a new foundation for the ECC English Department

For Ryan Kerr, MA, associate professor of English, the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion, or EDI, is obvious. “We know there are success or equity gaps in education for certain groups,” said Kerr. “Because these things have been happening since early childhood for some, it just compounds, and since we have inequity walk in our doors at Elgin Community College, we have to do something to help with it.”

Jim Stoltman, senior director of technology services
Staff Profile
Published 02/22/2022

Jim Stoltman; Family Man and IT Systems Renovation Star

Jim Stoltman recently accepted his new role as Senior Director of Technology Services in October 2021. Having worked at Elgin Community College since 2012 in multiple positions within the IT department, Stoltman’s roots within the college run deep.

Mia Hardy, Ph.D., professor of sociology
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 02/16/2022

Dr. Hardy focused on opening opportunities for women of color

When you ask Assistant Professor of Sociology Mia Hardy, Ph.D., what she’s working on in the realm of equity, diversity, and inclusion at Elgin Community College, her excitement to share is palpable, even in on a Zoom call. Hardy has been with the college since 2016, starting as an associate dean of college transitions and developmental education. She then served as the associate dean of communications and behavioral sciences before transitioning to a full-time faculty position in 2020.

Jasmine Young, LCPC, ECC Wellness Professional
Student Resources
Published 02/14/2022

Young brings increased focus on Black mental health to ECC

As we continue to celebrate an amazing Black History Month, it is important to amplify the importance of Black mental wellness through education and knowledge.

LaTasha DeHaan, Ph.D., associate professor of history
Faculty Profile
Published 02/14/2022

LaTasha DeHaan’s leadership goes beyond the job title

LaTasha DeHaan, PhD, was living out of state when she decided to take on the role of course leader in the History and Political Science department at Elgin Community College in 2019. Two years later, DeHaan continues to dive deep into pushing her department forward and mentoring her students.

Susan Timm, Ed.D., professor of business
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 02/09/2022

Timm focused on making a difference

When Susan Timm, Ed.D., professor of business at Elgin Community College, was honored with the YWCA Elgin's 2021 Harriet Gifford & Hattie Griffin Award for Education in recognition for her unwavering efforts related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice, it came as no surprise to her colleagues at ECC. If there is an equity, diversity, or inclusion effort underway at ECC, Timm likely had a hand in it.

Marisol Rivera, PhD, assistant professor of history
Faculty Profile
Published 02/07/2022

Dr. Marisol Rivera has fun helping others discover the past

Before Marisol Rivera, PhD, joined ECC in 2019 as a history and political science professor, she taught at Harold Washington in Chicago. “I always wanted to teach at a community college. I was very nervous when transitioning to ECC but was quickly put at ease by the people and environment here,” said Rivera.

Mae Hicks Jones, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Sustainability, Business, and Career Technologies
Published 02/07/2022

Celebrating Black History Month – Let’s call people in

As we celebrate Black History Month 2022, it is time to reflect on what has to be done so that all people have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When we celebrate Black History Month, people should be reminded that Black History is American History and should be celebrated 365 days a year.

Yolonda Barnes, Ed.D., associate dean of sustainability, business, and career technologies
Achievements | Administrator Profile
Published 02/02/2022

Barnes is dedicated to putting in the work to see meaningful change

Yolonda Barnes will always put her colleagues' work, intelligence, and passion ahead of her own achievements. When it comes to the movement for change surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) on campus, her humble nature remains, but her actions resonate in their impact.

Kayla Palmisano, Institutional Research Data Specialist
Newsletter | Staff Profile
Published 01/31/2022

Kayla Palmisano has the data to drive student success

Everyone at ECC, whether they are sitting in an office, conducting a lecture, or advising a student on their class schedule, has a critical role in the functioning of the college. One of those critical behind-the-scenes players is Kayla Palmisano, Institutional Research Data Specialist.

Clark Hallpike, MBA, professor of business
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 01/26/2022

Hallpike continues to innovate for cultural awareness and change

To Professor of Business Clark Hallpike, MBA, equity, diversity, and inclusion work is a lot like coaching – you put in the work and expect results. "Thinking back throughout my years at ECC, I've always had a commitment to diversity," recalls Hallpike. "In my 45 years here, the whole concept has evolved quite a bit on campus, but it's been my passion to bring cultural awareness and change concerning equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the classroom and the community."

Tyler Roeger, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Achievements | Administrator Profile
Published 01/19/2022

Dr. Tyler Roeger takes on equity barriers at ECC

Tyler Roeger, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), may be one step removed from working directly with ECC students, but through his role in supporting faculty, creating an environment that leads with equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is at the forefront of his work. Roeger is co-chair of ECC’s institutional committee TIDE and an administrative coach for another key institutional committee, SSI.

Parul Raval, Ed.D., professor of education
Faculty Profile
Published 01/18/2022

Parul Raval Transforms Students into Teachers

Since starting at ECC in 2004, Parul Raval, Ed.D., professor of education, has dedicated herself to raising the next generation of working professionals in the field. Although she is now the teacher, Raval believes learning is a never-ending quality to help us succeed in our personal and professional lives.

Manny Salgado, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology
Achievements | Faculty Profile
Published 01/11/2022

Dr. Manny Salgado seeks justice for all students

Manny Salgado, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, has heard others say the complex work of equity practice is ‘something that is done badly or not done at all.' Practicing equity work is something Salgado has been involved in most of his life and throughout his 17 years at ECC. He is one of the core members of TIDE, a faculty group that embraces and welcomes mistakes made to learn from them and become better educators.

Liddy Hope, PhD, assistant professor of human services
Faculty Profile | General
Published 01/06/2022

Dr. Liddy Hope is determined to be ready for them

Liddy Hope has been asking herself and her school, “are we ready for them?” Meaning, is ECC ready to embrace and assist the diverse stream of learners that enter each semester seeking an education and their future career paths? Hope has made it a part of her mission to continue learning how to best do this and work with other ECC faculty and staff on sharpening efforts that are already creating positive change concerning equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our school.

ECC Wellness Professional Coresair Mack.
Published 01/06/2022

Using Mindfulness to Increase Motivation for 2022

From the beginning of the year and even now as we close on 2021, these motivation struggles also apply to our students. Thankfully 2022 does not have to be the same as 2021 regarding our motivation.