Monumental verdict regarding the murder of George Floyd marks pivotal time for change

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Published 04/20/2021
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As we learn of the verdict regarding the murder of George Floyd, we acknowledge and recognize how painful the tragic events of this year have been for our nation and our community.

We appreciate the difficult job of the jurors in this case and respect their commitment to fulfill their constitutional duties. They have sent a powerful message of accountability.

Sadly and tragically, repeated acts of violence against members of our Black community and other communities of color, continue to occur far too often. One life lost unjustly is one too many. Now, it is imperative for all of us, as Americans to unite, regardless of color, creed, race, or religion, to ensure those who have been historically oppressed are equally valued and treated with dignity.

Elgin Community College stands firm in its condemnation of all acts of violence, hatred, and racism of any kind. Our commitment to our Shared Values of Diversity and Equity, as approved by the District 509 Board of Trustees, will continue to guide us in the coming days, weeks, and years as we seek ways to do our part to dismantle systemic oppression and institutional racism.

Let us continue to support one another and extend empathy to those who need it during these difficult times.