Gina Mago is truly a people person

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Published 02/08/2021
Gina Mago, talent acquisition specialist

Gina Mago, talent acquisition specialist

If you started at ECC in the last three years, you’ve probably talked to Gina Mago, talent acquisition specialist, as she has shepherded hundreds of people through the application, interview, selection, and onboarding process. You’ve also undoubtedly come across her if you’ve been part of a search committee, as Mago is the resource person for ECC’s eTalent system.

“My greatest accomplishment since I’ve been here has been serving on the eTalent core project team and being a part of the implementation,” Mago says of the new applicant tracking tool. “It was a great experience, expanding my current knowledge, skills, and abilities in the human resources field.”

ECC’s HR department’s motto is “The people serving our people.” Read on to learn how Mago embodies that mission with her dedication to the college and all its employees:

In your words, what do you do at ECC? What do you want others to know about your job? Or what would help others understand your job?

In the Human Resources department, I am responsible for the recruitment and hiring processes for all vacant positions of the college and serve as an institutional partner and peer resource for our applicant tracking system, eTalent!

Name a job or role at ECC that you would like to try for one day and explain why.

Campus Police, simply to see a day in their life and learn something completely different!

If you could instantly be an expert in one thing, what would you choose?

I need to be an expert in organizing closets and drawers at home.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work (i.e., hobbies/interests)?

I love spending time with my niece, my dog Luna Lovegood, family, and friends!

If you could live in a TV show, which show would it be and why?

I do not watch much TV, so I would have to go with a movie and pick the Harry Potter series because who wouldn’t want to be a witch or wizard with magical powers!

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to? Or where would you like to visit?

London, England. I met people from all over the world and enjoyed the overall atmosphere!

You have to wear a t-shirt with just one word on it for an entire year. What would that word be, and why?

Hello. For those that see me around campus or know me in general, I am always smiling and saying “hello!”

Share a fact about you that might surprise people to learn.

Before I received my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, I received my Associate degree from ECC. It feels great to have started my journey as a student here and come back a few years later to begin my career.

What job have you held (besides ECC) that was the most fun, interesting, or difficult? Explain why.

Throughout college, my most fun – and sometimes challenging – job was being a nanny. I learned so many things—besides bottle feeding and diaper changing—including patience and how to appreciate the little things in life.

Name someone you admire and explain why.

My big sister because of the dedication, drive, and compassion she has every day, especially during these times. She is a learning behavior specialist for an elementary school while being a super mom and wife at home and being an amazing sister and friend.

What was your most valuable life lesson?

To never give up on your goals, no matter how many bumps in the road there may be!

Complete this sentence: “I enjoy working at ECC because … “

…of all the people I get to work and connect with across campus.