Brooke Bohlin: I’m graduating from ECC debt-free and getting a full ride to Roosevelt University

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Published 05/16/2020
Brooke Bohlin, class of 2020

Brooke Bohlin, class of 2020

I began my first semester at Elgin Community College in 2018 with reluctance as I wished my classmates and friends good luck at the universities they would be attending. I received endless inquiries as to why I would short myself and ‘just’ go to community college. I soon made plenty of friends and found the professors to be welcoming and passionate about the students, and not just about their education.

At the end of my first year, I became an officer for Phi Theta Kappa. I gained even more connections with students, faculty, and staff. Through conferences with PTK, I was also able to meet other like-minded individuals from other community colleges. My social network grew immensely. This growing circle impacted my mental health and confidence tremendously.

Getting ready to graduate from ECC brings a mixture of sadness and excitement. I’m sad to leave such an amazing place, but I am so excited about where I am headed. I plan to transfer to Roosevelt University in Chicago this fall on my journey to pursue a doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

And all those inquiries about why I would short myself choosing ECC? Well, I’m graduating from ECC debt-free. And thanks to my connections with PTK, scholarships through PTK, and my grades, I will be attending Roosevelt University on a full ride.

Ultimately, I am not just graduating with a degree, I’m doing so with a set of leadership skills, confidence, and life-long friends.


Brooke Bohlin '20
Associate in Arts
Pingree Grove, IL