Alannis Munoz: ECC gave me the college experience I was looking for

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Published 05/16/2020
Alannis Munoz, class of 2020

Alannis Munoz, class of 2020

When I first started Elgin Community College, I was sad that I was at a community college. I thought that I was not going to have the “college experience” that I wanted. The stigma of going to a community college was rattling in my head, but that changed when I let ECC in and realized all the opportunities this school would provide me.

I decided to become involved with the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS). I am the daughter of Chilean immigrants and have always held my culture very close to me. During my first semester, I ended up joining the executive board as the Marketing Officer. The next school year, I became President of OLAS. After OLAS, I became involved with a new political science club, We the People, and was thrilled to become Vice President. Through my roles in club leadership, I was able to land two internships with the federal government while attending ECC.

ECC impacted my life greatly. I learned how to take care of myself mentally and to never be afraid of what you believe in. I discovered that in order to receive things in life, you have to get your foot in the door and not wait around for something to happen, but rather you have to make it happen.

I would like to thank Susan Robinson, Gaea Atta-Moy, Antonio Ramirez, Brittany Barber, and Mary Grimm for always believing in me and providing me reassurance for my future. With their support, I will be attending Northern Illinois University to study Political Science with a minor in Latino Studies.

I encourage students to attend ECC, not just because it’s affordable, but because you will find this institution as your second home.


Alannis Muñoz ‘20
Associate in Arts
Elgin, IL