Aimee Johnson: I was lucky to attend ECC on my path to becoming a neurosurgeon

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Published 05/16/2020
Aimee Johnson, class of 2020

Aimee Johnson, class of 2020

As a junior in high school, I enrolled as a dual credit student with Elgin Community College to get a head start on my education. A life-long learner, I was lucky to attend an institution where I could explore my interests. By becoming a dual credit student, I learned more about myself, not only academically, but personally. I attended many campus events, went to student mixers, and joined numerous clubs. However, I noticed that there were not any student organizations at ECC that pertained to my desired career path. I polled my classmates to determine if there was a desire for a medical-related organization, and with that push, I created a new student organization--the Premedical Students Association.

Founding and leading a new group made me realize that I am a natural leader and I never shy away from a challenge. All of the schools that I have attended have provided me with the necessary tools that I needed to become the student I am today. However, ECC is more than just a school. It is the pathway to success, the creator of futures, and, most importantly, the place I could call home. The opportunities I had at ECC are what shaped me into who I am today.

It is no surprise that ECC is one of the best institutions in this region of Illinois. They are constantly improving their curriculum that, in turn, betters the well-being of all. I plan to get a degree in neurobiology at UW-Madison while doing research on infectious diseases for federal work study. Then, I intend to apply to graduate school to continue doing research as I earn my medical degree and become a neurosurgeon. I truly believe that I am destined to discover many new scientific breakthroughs. Thanks to ECC, I am a motivated and driven student that will stop at nothing to achieve greatness. That determination and drive is a common characteristic that all Spartans share. It was truly an honor to earn my associates degree from this wonderful institution.

Aimee Johnson ‘20
Associate in Science
Elgin, IL