Pili Camargo: ECC is a place that will help you grow as an individual

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Published 12/18/2019
December 2019 graduate Pili Camargo

December 2019 graduate Pili Camargo

Elgin Community College is not only a place where you can earn your degree; it is a place that will help you grow as an individual. My journey at ECC started as an English as a Second Language student, and now that I am graduating with my associate degree in human services. I can happily assure you that coming here has been a bright choice.

When I started, I did not know anybody besides my classmates. As time passed and I started to involve myself at ECC, I got to meet new people who wanted to have a better future and better opportunities, just like me. This was only possible because of the supportive and friendly environment that ECC provides students. Professors, administrators, and staff can guide you toward your goals, so take advantage of them and the resources they can provide you with, because that will be your pass to a better future—when you do the work.

I also got involved with the Office of Student Life. I met wonderful students who help you grow and support you when you are going through tough times by providing advice, a hand to hold, and words of encouragement. Student life also helps when you want to get involved in clubs and organizations but don’t know where to start. There are a bunch of options, including United Students of All Cultures (USAC), where I served as president this last semester. Plus, the student life office is always full of fun—there is always something that can entertain you.

My journey at ECC has come to an end for now, but I don’t want to leave without reminding people about all the resources available on campus, like the Spartan Food Pantry, Wellness Services, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, TRiO, and of course, student life! If you feel like there’s something that ECC should have that you don’t know about, ask someone! Maybe they know about it, and, if not, chances are ECC is already working on it.


Pili Camargo '19

Associate of Applied Science