Mary Corona: ECC helped me grow into the leader I am today

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Published 05/10/2019
Mary Corona

Mary Corona

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.”  – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to pursue a career. So, I did everything possible to get ahead my senior year. I took AP classes, I got involved, I got a job, and I pushed myself academically, graduating in the top 15 percent of my class and qualifying me for the Elgin Community College Board of Trustees Scholarship.

But I ended up pushing myself too much. I was trying so hard to be the well-rounded person I imagined myself to be that I slowly started losing sight of myself.

It was when I applied to be a student worker in the Office of Student Life that my college life took a turn for the better. There I was met by a joyful environment where people were willing to listen and help you regardless of your time on campus.

It was there that I met my main motivator, Yvette Argueta, my former boss. She encouraged me to apply to the ECC Research Fellows Scholarship of which I became a recipient in 2018. This prompted me to get involved and start attending the meetings of United Students of All Cultures (USAC). It was their sense of community and understanding that inspired me to become the 2018-2019 Social Media Officer.

I’m glad I decided to come to ECC. Not only did ECC help me find ways to pay for college, but it helped me find the family I’ve grown fond of in Student Life. With their help, I was able to recover my will to accomplish my goals and lend a hand to those who are lost or unfamiliar. A bit of compassion can create a community of unity, empathy, and success.

Mary Corona ‘19
Basic Vocational Certificate