Dorian Gatlin: ECC holds the keys to your success

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Published 12/16/2019
December 2019 graduate Dorian Gatlin

December 2019 graduate Dorian Gatlin

Elgin Community College has tremendously changed my life. At the age of 27, I finally had the courage to commit to completing my 2-year associate degree at ECC. Before I decided to pursue my education at ECC, I realized that I was at an impasse in my career. I could not get as far as I intended without having any sort of academic credential. I also wanted to complete my education, so I could lead by example within my family and a host of youth within my community.

I’ve enjoyed pursuing my degree at ECC. I’ve achieved great success using ECC’s academic resources to help me improve on assignments and exams. I appreciate that my instructors are attentive to each student who enters the human services generalist program. I’ll always be grateful for the ability to seek counsel from my previous instructors, especially Elizabeth Hope, Rachel Stewart, Glenn Joshua, and Dr. David Carrillo. Whenever times were overwhelming with my life and my academics, they each gave kind words of wisdom to keep my mind on my purpose. Having a positive support system while attending ECC is priceless.

In addition to my education, I was able to discover and enhance my leadership skills by being involved in extracurriculars. I’ve enjoyed networking with incredible individuals both in the creative writing scholars’ program and as a lifetime member of Phi Theta Kappa. I never expected to be so involved in anything outside of my academics while attending ECC.

To all future students, the best way to achieve your purpose in pursuing your education is to walk into every class with an empty mind as if you know nothing. It’s okay to have the courage to be different—that’s how you excel. If you are around opportunity within your community, use your surroundings to better your situation. I did this, and I gained opportunity to be sharper in my academics and my work field. ECC holds the keys to your success.


Dorian Gatlin '19

Associate of Applied Science

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