Brianna Paulino: Elgin Community College pushed me in the right direction

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Published 05/10/2019
Brianna Paulino

Brianna Paulino

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all."  – Aristotle

This might sound shocking, but I had no idea what I wanted to do when I got out of high school. Elgin Community College was my safe school, and it was the place where I had time to figure everything out. When I first saw the campus, I thought it was outstanding and a little intimidating. I was terrified my first day at ECC. When I look back at how scared I was, I laugh because here I am now so involved and excited to graduate.

I became a member of Black Student Achievers and Phi Theta Kappa. I received three ECC Foundation scholarships that blessed me with books and classes that I couldn't afford. If it weren't for getting involved and taking that extra step to apply for scholarships, I probably would have taken a couple of semesters off from school.

I had this driving feeling in my heart every time I went to campus. For some reason, you feel the support here at ECC. You can tell that people want to help you succeed. I love that I met staff leaders who always looked out for me and made sure I had the resources I needed to survive and strive. I have grown so much at Elgin Community College, and now I feel the need to help others keep going. I push people every day to want better for themselves.

After graduation, I am going to get my bachelor of science in nursing at a university nearby. My advice for upcoming students is to find something that will keep you motivated. Whether it is getting involved in clubs, making new friends, or meeting a faculty member, it's essential that you find a support system.

Brianna Paulino ‘19
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