Jaida Olvera: I will be the first woman in my family to earn a degree

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Published 05/14/2018
Jaida Olvera profile

Jaida Olvera profile

During my senior year of high school, I started at Elgin Community College through the amazing tech prep program and discovered my goals; but the opportunities I received didn’t stop there.

One of the main reasons I chose ECC was because of the affordability, and applying for scholarships through the ECC Foundation was so simple and rewarding. I was awarded leadership and ECC Trustee scholarships, which was extremely fulfilling because I felt recognized for my accomplishments and honored that people at ECC believed in me.

Having people who support you and your journey is so important to your success. Between going to school and working full time, it was not always easy for me. However, I knew I had to persevere through the challenges for me, my future, and the people who were counting on me to succeed and contribute to society. I also had support from the multiple peers I met through ECC’s Rho Kappa chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society.

During my two years at ECC, I made the decision to work toward a future in business. The entrepreneurs who spoke at campus events inspired me, especially the female entrepreneurs. After I graduate with an Associate in Arts degree, I will continue my education at Roosevelt University to pursue a bachelor of science in business administration with a major in marketing. I will be the first woman in my family to obtain a college degree; it’s truly an amazing feeling and it all began at Elgin Community College.

~ Jaida Olvera, Carpentersville