Fatima Cruz: I will continue to strive for a better future

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Published 05/14/2018
Fatima Cruz profile

Fatima Cruz profile

At Elgin Community College, I have gained valuable experiences. Through Student Government, in the position of senator and vice president, I was able to work with a team of fellow student leaders to promote student welfare. I became exposed to the art of advocacy while representing the ECC community to legislators in Springfield and experienced the true value of leading a team and solving conflicts that are most common in the role of leadership. In Phi Theta Kappa, my key experience was the Honors in Action project where we worked to protect a species of mussel. Through these two distinct student organizations, I was able to build my leadership skills and bring service to ECC and the local community.

In these two years, I have found the ECC professors and faculty to be extraordinary. They continually place high interest on students’ success and motivate them to be consistent learners. They work to create an environment where the student can learn to think critically. Most importantly, they demonstrate a passion for what they teach and this passion is evident in every lesson. I would like to thank Virginia McHugh Kurtz, Dr. Laurie Cox, Jason Kane, Glenn Earl, Ryan McGuire, and all of the other professors that I have had throughout my semesters here. Their strong enthusiasm transcended into every corner of the classroom. I would also like to thank my Student Government advisor, Gaea Atta, for having high expectations of me and pushing me to perform at the best of my ability.

I will take what I have absorbed from this experience of earning an Associate in Arts and continue to strive for a better future regardless of the obstacles that I will face. ECC has many opportunities and experiences waiting for each student. It has great faculty and student organizations that can enhance the ability of students who seek this experience. Where there is a rich experience, there is active learning; this is the best takeaway a student can obtain from ECC.

~ Fatima Cruz, Elgin