Brianna Russell: The ECC Foundation helped me achieve my dream

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Published 05/14/2018
Brianna Russell profile

Brianna Russell profile

When I reflect on my time at Elgin Community College, I am overwhelmed at the sense of accomplishment and joy that I feel in earning my dream degree. I have attended ECC for the past four years, and will be finishing my Associate of Applied Science in nursing degree with honors.

Throughout my college career, I have had to fund 100 percent of my education on my own. I was only able to do this by working two to three jobs, and by receiving the generous scholarships and support through the ECC Foundation. One of the most incredible scholarship opportunities I received was through the Purses with Purpose giving circle, which is comprised of local women in the community who support female students in achieving their educational goals. I never could have earned my degree without the support of the ECC Foundation, and the generous donors who give back to students like me.

Upon completion of my time here at ECC, my plans are to take my board exams shortly after graduating and become a registered nurse. I will also transfer to an online Bachelors of Science in nursing program that will allow me the flexibility to continue to work while pursuing my education.

I firmly believe that anything worth doing is difficult, and I have confidence that I will walk away from this school knowing that I have grown and developed so much as a person. Sometimes, we have to be put in the fire in order to be truly refined.

~ Brianna Russell, South Elgin