Alex Buckwinkler: I wouldn’t be who I have become without ECC

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Published 05/14/2018
Alex Buckwinkler profile

Alex Buckwinkler profile

I began my journey at Elgin Community College just under two years ago. Along the way, things haven’t always been easy, yet I managed to persist with my education and will now be graduating with my Associate in Arts this spring.

An individual’s dream always needs some help, and I am no exception to this phrase. Luckily, I have been blessed with many supporters and role models who have helped push me to reach my goal. Primarily, I must give thanks to my parents, who have always supported my educational endeavors, no matter the circumstance. I have also been shaped by some amazing faculty members; Dr. Christina Marrocco, Dr. Ignacio Alvarez-Garcia, Dr. Javier Coronado-Aliegro, and Tim Anderson. It is because of these amazing professors that I was able to become a well-rounded student at ECC and obtain my degree.

During my time at ECC, I have been active in quite a few extracurricular activities. However, one stands above the rest and has impacted my life forever; the Forensics (speech) Team. Words cannot describe how impactful this team has been on my life. It has opened an entirely new world of academics, which I plan to continue in the upcoming years at a university.

ECC has provided me with an abundance of opportunities that I do not take for granted. At first, I was nervous about attending, worrying that I might not fit in at such a large school. Yet, after just a few short months, I felt right at home. So, thank you to everyone at Elgin Community College who has supported me; I wouldn’t be who I have become without you!

~ Alex Buckwinkler, Hampshire