Nov. 18 event at ECC examines migration’s effect on globalization

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Published 11/08/2019
Elgin Community College across Lake Spartan.

Elgin Community College across Lake Spartan.

Elgin Community College will host the next event in the Bill Pelz Global Speaker Series, “Walls, Bridges, and the Price of Bananas: Labor Mobility in a Globalized World” on Monday, Nov. 18, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Spartan Auditorium (Building G, Room G100), 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin. The event is free and open to the public.

ECC Professor of Anthropology Marc Healy will discuss the role of migration in the modern world system. As topics related to immigration remain hotly debated throughout the world, Healy will examine the origins of globalization and the philosophy behind it in the context of global migration. The presentation aims to address questions like ‘Is migration an integral part of globalization? Is it merely a consequence of connectivity, or is it a byproduct?’ and ‘What makes migration desirable in some locations, but discouraged or forbidden in others?’

Healy has led the department of anthropology and human geography at ECC for sixteen years. While he has conducted fieldwork throughout the world, his primary fieldwork was on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. There he studied the local culture of the Miskito Indians and was surprised at their level of integration into the global economy despite living far from running water, electricity, and paved roads. Since then, his interests have focused on the expansion of the global world system and how it impacts the lifeways of local populations.

The Bill Pelz Global Speaker Series is named after the late William Pelz, PhD, who taught history and political science at ECC for over 19 years. The program is sponsored by the ECC Global/International Studies Team (GIST), Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee (MAGIC), and ECC Faculty Association (ECCFA).

“Through thoughtful, engaging discussion on current international events, GIST, MAGIC, and ECCFA aim to promote critical thought about the state of global affairs and further our understanding about the world,” said Lauren Nehlsen, ECC director of international education and programs and GIST administrative co-chair.

Members of the community who are interested in learning more are encouraged to attend. For additional information about the event, contact Lauren Nehlsen at 847-214-7809 or