Wellness Wednesdays

Due to recent changes related to COVID-19 Wellness Wednesday events have been moved to the Wellness Services YouTube channel. Subscribe for new videos every week!

Trauma & COVID-19

Posted 07/07/20

We talk about COVID-19 a lot, but have you stopped to check-in with yourself amidst all the changes? How are you really doing? We will talk about the importance of processing trauma and practice coping strategies.

Change is the New Normal

Posted 06/23/20

Join me as I share with you my own personal experiences to do with the changes in my life brought on by COVID- 19 and the BLM Movement. I talk about my life before these changes happened and my life today. Along the way, I discuss what change is, how to cope with change through Resilience and Adaptability, the growth mindset, overcoming regret, and moving forward with our New Normal through embracing our post-traumatic growth.

Happy Pride Month

Posted 06/16/20

Learn about the significance of Pride Month and how to celebrate during a pandemic! Vinny Cascio talks about the significance of Pride Month and how we all can celebrate during a pandemic. If you are looking to connect with a Wellness Professional, please contact us at 847-214-7390 or email us at studentwellness@elgin.edu.

Congratulations ECC Class of 2020!

Posted 05/11/20

Congratulations to all of our graduates! We celebrate you today and recognize all you have accomplished. Congratulations ECC class of 2020! You did it!

Stress Resiliency

Posted 05/05/20

Finals week...challenge accepted! Learn tips to manage your stress levels and accomplish your goals! Cultivate your resiliency to stress with Wellness Professional Prem Nikoniuk.

Intellectual and Occupational Wellness

Posted 04/29/20

Increase your Intellectual and Occupational Wellness. Learn new ways to connect with your co-workers and expand your knowledge on new skills or increase your effectiveness with current skills with Wellness Professional Coresair Mack.

Environmental and Spiritual Wellness

Posted 04/21/20

Explore how to create harmony and balance in your environment and learn to practice your own spiritual wellness with ECC Wellness Professional Mary Grimm.

Physical and Financial Wellness

Posted 04/14/20

Improve your workouts, plus apps that can help you balance your budget. Wellness Professional Vinny Cascio shares tips on how to jump start your physical and financial wellness.

Emotional and Social Wellness

Posted 04/06/20

Learn to care for yourself through poetry with ECC Wellness Professional Prem Nikoniuk.