Students under the age of 18

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What is the Under 18 Parental Consent form?

We seek your consent to provide your student's vaccination card or test your student for COVID-19 infection if not fully vaccinated or not intending/able to be vaccinated. To comply with a State of Illinois Mandate to keep our students safe and help prevent them from missing classroom time, Elgin Community College has partnered with Vitality and the University of Illinois to test unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff members for COVID-19 infection. Per the mandate, unvaccinated students must comply with weekly testing to attend on-campus classes. This is a form seeking your signature to consent to routine screening or to provide proof of full vaccination to Elgin Community College.

Consent Form For COVID Testing

ECC Students enrolled in on-campus classes or participating in on-campus activities are required to comply with this mandate. Students under the age of 18 are required to provide a signed parental consent form to ECC before sharing their vaccination records or test result. Please return the signed form to First Stop, Building A, Room A100. Once we receive the parental consent form, the student will be sent a link from the Cleared4 vendor to upload a vaccination record or ongoing weekly COVID-19 test results, as described above. 

What if my student has only received one dose of the two-dose vaccine?

Students who have received one dose of the two-dose vaccine will need to complete weekly testing until two weeks after their second dose and can provide proof of full vaccination.

How often will your student be tested?

Students must complete testing on a weekly basis, and free testing is available on-site at ECC.

What is the test?

If you consent, your student will receive a free diagnostic test for the COVID-19 virus conducted by collecting saliva (spit) or a non-invasive nasal swab. If your student provides a vaccination card showing they are fully vaccinated, they are not subject to testing. How will I know if my student tests positive?

Once you consent to testing, you will receive information about an online platform and instructions on how to access your student's test results. Students will need to provide negative test results to Elgin Community College on a rolling 7-day basis to continue to participate in on-campus instruction.

What should I do when I receive my student's test results?

If your student's test results are positive, please contact their doctor immediately to review the test results and discuss the next steps. An Elgin Community College contact tracer will call you to discuss the timeline for your student's return to campus and gather additional information regarding any potential close contacts. You may not send your student back to campus until you receive clearance from Elgin Community College. If your student's test results are negative, this means that the COVID-19 virus was not detected in your student's submitted specimen. No further action is needed on the part of the student or family.

Who will receive my child's test results?

In addition to you receiving your student's test results, Elgin Community College and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will also receive your student's test results, consistent with IDPH guidance and the Illinois Control of Communicable Disease Code.