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Published 02/12/2021

02-12-2021 COVID-19 Notification: Confirmed Limited Exposure on Campus

Elgin Community College was notified that an individual who was in Building H and J has tested positive COVID-on Feb. 10.  A thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the affected areas has been conducted. 

Students with potential exposure have all been identified and notified. For employees, Human Resources reaches out to employees who may have been exposed within 48 hours. Additionally, ECC continues to work closely with the Kane County Health Department (KCHD) to ensure that all contact tracing procedures are being followed. In accordance with federal privacy laws, personal information of individuals involved will remain strictly confidential.

Please continue to be attentive to information provided by ECC Communications for updates related to COVID-19 and additional information on how the college is working to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment for all. Enhanced cleaning and ventilation protocols remain in place throughout campus. You may also reference elgin.edu/covid19 for announcements and FAQs.